Campinian AMU membership referendum, 2016

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Campinian AMU membership referendum, 2016
7 November 2016
Option Remain Leave
Popular Vote (%) 100% 28% 72%
Count 0 10 26

The Campinian AMU membership referendum, 2016, known as the AMU referendum was a referendum that took place on 7 November 2016 The referendum resulted in an overall vote to leave the AMU, of 90% on a national turnout of 100%, the highest ever for a Campinian referendum As a result Campinia effectively withdraws itself from membership in the Antarctic Micronational Union

Those who favour a Campinian withdrawal from the AMU – commonly referred to as Camleavia (a portmanteau of "Campinia" and "Leave") argue that the AMU have failed and see the AMU as an exclusive colonial Antarctic group with almost no interest in the ecological problems of today. and want to join a , ecological organization Those who want to remain argue that leaving the AMU would risk Campinia's sovereignty, diminish its influence over Antartic affairs, And being vulnerable for illegal claims made in Campinian terrritories