Camurian Royal Residence

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The Godricsun Royal Palace
Location: Godricsun
Area claimed: 1.2 miles
Empoyees: 2
Date of Construction: 30 September 1967 - 18 March 1969
Date of Remodeling 2 March 2005 - 28 December 2005

Godricsun Palace was constructed in 1967-1969 by King Frederick of Camuria and is home to the Royal Library and Archives, protected by the King's Royal Guard. The Palace is home to King Ian II of Camuria and has been since the passing of King Frederick in 1993. The Palace contains a tennis court, large gardens, including a vegetable garden, used to grow many Royal poducts for the various markets in Camuria. At the front of the Palace, their stands the Royal Oak, which is estimated to be at 120 years old. The Royal Archive in the Palace Library holds many of the original bills passed in Parliament and also holds the records of Camurian Citizens. When King Ian I took on the throne, he started on a large construction project to extend the existing Palace by one third and by March 2005 it was complete. After his abdication in 2007, King Ian I and Queen Sharon moved into the other side of the Palace, The Stately Quarters.

Images of the Palace and its gardens will be available within the next few months