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The Parliament of Capi is a North American micronation which was established on 2 April, 2017. It has a population of two. Roughly 20 visitors come per year.

The Parliament of Capi
Flag of Capi
Motto: Meow, Meow, Meow
Official languagesCattish
EstablishmentApril 2nd 2017

National symbols

The national anthem of Capi is "Purr Purr Capi".

Early history

In 2017, The Kingdom of Kaz broke into a civil war. After the civil war finished Capi was declared a county however forgetting this arrangement the Kazzian government never reclaimed it in the "reunification of Kaz". Capi became an independent country and started there own government.

Capi found itself occupied shortly after their independence. The Kazzian Empire, a bunch of rebels who hated Capi marched on Capipopolus and terrorized Capi's people. Capi sent a letter for Kaz to come to help, but Kaz was determined to stay neutral. Some Capis were fed up with this pitiful rebellion and created a resistance. The Kazzian Empire made Capi pay in any way they could to try to discourage the resistance. Finally Kaz joined the war and Capi was eventually liberated and their independence was restored.

Recent history

Capi created the Kazpi treaty stating that you do not have to have a passport to go into Capi from Kaz.

Census records

The National Census of Capi began in 2017 and was taken once per year.

  • 2017 Census (December 2017): 2 citizens
  • 2018 Census (December 2018): 2 citizens
  • 2019 Census (December 2019): 2 citizens
  • 2020 Census (December 2020): 2 citizens
  • 2021 Census (December 2021): 2 citizens


Capi's culture is very close to the culture of Kaz. The only thing that differs is there independence days. Capi is known for its booming music. This is one of the only attractions the small country has to offer.


The official language of Capi is Cattish.

Government and politics

"Capi constitution"

Capi's government is two leaders who represent the people. if they agree a law is made or repealed.

Nations with alliances or friends of Capi