Cardinal of Albia

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Cardinal of Albia
General Synod of the Church
Member ofChurch of Albia
Reports toGeneral Synod of the Church
AppointerSupreme Governor of the Church of Albia
Term lengthAt His Majesty's Pleasure
Formation12 June 2022
DeputyArchbishop of Bridgewater City

The Cardinal of Albia is the professional head of the Church of Albia.


The office of Cardinal of Alba was established with the Church of Albia on 12 June 2022.


The role of the Cardinal includes:

  • Ordaining Ministers
  • Attending and Chairing Synod Meetings
  • Helping Appoint Senior Ministers
  • Leading Services
  • Running the Church on the Supreme Governor's Behalf
  • Running National Christian Festival Celibrations


The Cardinal of Alba is appointed to their role after achieving ordainment and having a certain length of time as each rank of minister previously. They are appointed by the Monarch of Albia in their role as Supreme Governor of the Church of Albia.

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