Caroline Charlotte

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Federation of Caroline Charlotte
Federazione di Caroline Charlotte
Flag of Tor Pendente Federal seal of Tor Pendente
Flag Coat of arms
[[File:|center|alt|Map of St.Charlie with Tor Pendente highlighted|270px]]
Official language(s) Italian, German
Largest city
Area  Ranked 3rd in St.Charlie
 - Total ? sq mi
(0,6 km2)
 - Total 7
Admission to Federal Republic  August 25, 2009 (2nd)
Governor Leonard Von Sternberg (NSP)
Time zone UTC+1:00
Abbreviations CC , SC-CC

The Federation of Caroline Charlotte (Italian: Federazione di Caroline Charlotte, German: Bundesland Caroline Charlotte), simply and commonly known as Caroline Charlotte, was a federation of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie.

The territory declared its sovereignty from Germany the 21st of August 2009. Following a slow bureaucracy problem, the territory was later added to the Constitution on the 25th of August, making it its official date of foundation. Caroline Charlotte was the only territory located in Germany and was also the residence of Admiral General Leonard Von Sternberg, the Minister of Defense and Chief of SCAF.

Territory and Buildings

The territory of Caroline Charlotte is delimitated by a fence and is surveilled by several security cams spread in the whole territory. Caroline Charlotte is just a few minutes of walk away from the city center, around it you have public transports such as Underground Subway (U-Bahn), Surface Subway (S-Bahn), Tram and Bus. It claims a big park with big trees, green vegetation and many birds. The Residence of the Minister of Defense Leonard Von Sternberg, just in the middle of the park, the "Caroline Charlotte Military Academy", that uses the green space for the training. The Residence of the Federal President Heinrich Ritter, in the same building as Minister of Defense, and the St.Charlie Armed Forces Military Headquarter (Fort Caroline).

Etymology and Flag

The name of the federation, Caroline Charlotte, came from the second and third name of the name of the Bavarian Princess that named the street. The flag is made by the mixed colors of the Bavarian (Blue and White) and the Munich city (Yellow and Black) flag, the symbol in the middle represents the coat of Arms and inside it there are the four flags of the principal federations of St. Charlie. Caroline Charlotte modified flag the 17th of May.

State Visits

  • The 29th of July Prime Minister Alexander Reinhardt is going to visit the Federation of Caroline Charlotte for the first time in History of after-Revolution St. Charlie.

Alexander Reinhardt is going to meet the Minister of Defense Leonard Von Sternberg and they are going to visit the SCAF Headquarters and the Caroline Charlotte Military Academy.


  • There were around 20 security cams spread around the territory of C.C.
  • The fence and gates around the park was build in 2007.
  • It is forbidden to cross the park with a bicicle.
  • Dogs are not alluded the Park.
  • There were several Birds living in the Park, also some Falcons.