Cassan Democratic Republic

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Cassan Democratic Republic
Касан дэмакратычная рэспубліка (Belarusian)
Coat of arms of Cassan Democratic Republic
Coat of arms
"Where my home is"
Dark Green is Cassan
Dark Green is Cassan
CapitalNew Berlin
• President
Grant Taylor
LegislatureRada of Cassandra (EN)
Рада Касана (BE)
EstablishmentOctober 1st, 2022
• Cycoldian Unregonized micronation[a]
October 1st, 2022 1:30PM EST
• Cassan Democratic Republic
October 1st, 2022 8PM EST
• Total
9.92 acres (4.01 ha)
• Estimate
CurrencyUnited States dollar ($) (USD)
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
Preceded by
Grand Republic of Cassandra

The Cassan Democratic Republic or the Cassan People's Republic commonly called Cassandra is a small landlocked micronation located within Rhode Island bordered on all sides by the Most Serene Republic of Averna, and was founded on October 1, 2022 1:30PM EST as the Grand Republic of Cassandra, it changed soonly after its forming because of the lack of recognition from the Cycoldian Imperium became the Cassan Democratic Republic. Cassandra is known for its nature and small houses, it has zero water it its land and it gets all its running water from the Most Serene Republic of Averna "Flintlockina pond".


The meaning of the name Cassandra "a daughter of Priam endowed with the gift of prophecy but fated never to be believed.", "one that predicts misfortune or disaster." but for the meaning it was used for the Grand Republic was to mean "The land of the sun", not to be confused for Japan's nickname "the land of the rising sun".

Brief History

The Grand Republic of Cassandra history is traced back to the Commonwealth of Zeprana, Republic of Richmondia, Republic of Finlandia, Republic of Lazvia, and the Republic of Averna. At 8PM EST shortly after its founding its goverment changed because of the Cycoldian non-recognition to the nation, declaring itself the "Cassan Democratic Republic".[b]

Forigen Relations

Cassandra has very little forigen relations currently because of age being brand new, Cassandras only relations are currently with the Republic of Averna and Free Federal Republic of Zeprana, but it regonizes many the micronations that it did when it was the Grand Republic of Cassandra.

Mutual recognition


Unilateral recognition

Biodiversity & Lifeforms

In Cassandra, meats are most commonly imported from Averna, Cassandra is also home to alot of chickens and goats. Other animals that can be found near and within Cassandra such as Deer, rabbits, and certain types of birds, and more. Some of the birds that live within, near, and around Zeprana are Robins, Cardinals, Sparrows, Gold Finches and other types of Finches.


  1. The Grand Republic of Cassandra claimed itself as a state of Christina I, Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia who didn't regonize the state
  2. Christina I & II did not recognise the nation, though the government of Cassandra recognised her as the nation's monarch.
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