Castel Society

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Castel Society
Société Castel
Formation17 October 2021; 23 months ago (2021-10-17)
FoundersLouis de Blois
Owen O'Lachtna
Raphaël Olivier
Benjamin Pickles
HeadquartersCastel, Georgienstine
Membership (2021)
Official languages
Benjamin Pickles (acting)

The Castel Society is a private social club and alleged secret society in Castel, Georgienstine.


The Castel Society was founded on 17 October 2021 by Benjamin Pickles, Raphaël Olivier, Jordan Marivan Arnhem, and Louis de Blois.

Membership requirements

To apply to join, one must have at least 25,000 MEE6 XP on Georgienstine's Discord server. The application is then reviewed by the council, which consists of the members with the five highest XP totals.

Conspiracy theories

Some prominent Georgienstinians[who?] have accused the Castel Society of being a secret society that controls Georgienstine's government. Members of the organization include the president of Georgienstine, the vice president of Georgienstine, the speaker of the National Congress, the congressional majority and minority leaders, and seven members of the National Congress.