Castlerock Weather Office

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The Castlerock Weather Office, or simply the CWO, is a meteorological organization owned and operated by the Government of the Castlerock Republic (formerly known as the Republic of Bakerland). A branch of the Agency of Emergency Management, the Castlerock Weather Office issues weather forecasts for the territory of Castlerock upon request from the nation’s residents. In addition, the President of Castlerock may activate the CWO to monitor hazardous weather, including but not limited to: Winter storms, Flood outbreaks, tornadoes, nor’easters, and severe thunderstorms.

Castlerock Hurricane Center

Should a tropical cyclone be threatening to impact the nation of Castlerock, and/or any foreign economic, diplomatic, or residential interests of the government of Castlerock, the President may activate the Castlerock Hurricane Center, or CHC. Also, the CHC may monitor other storms even if they do not pose a threat to Castlerock or its foreign interests, with the purpose of practicing and improving the accuracy of our forecasts. The CHC issues tropical cyclone warnings and forecasts at 12 PM, 6 PM, and 12 AM Eastern Time. In addition, if the CHC has high confidence that a tropical cyclone will impact land, warnings may be issued at 3 PM, 9 PM, 9 AM, and in extreme cases 3 AM. In addition, Tropical Cyclone updates may be published at any time. The Castlerock Hurricane Center estimates the intensity of the storm with the following methods: Data from NOAA’s “Hurricane Hunter” or other tropical cyclone reconnaissance aircraft, usage of tropical cyclone models and a vast array of other methods. In addition, the CHC uses observation from the radars of the United States’ National Weather Service, as well as reports from weather observation stations.


On August 1, 2020, President Baker ordered the activation of the CHC to monitor Hurricane Isaias, citing “expected hurricane conditions in foreign interests of Castlerock, and the potential for widespread tropical storm conditions in the territory of Castlerock”.