Cathal Mac Eachaidh

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Cathal Éamon Mac Eachaidh was born in Illinois on 2 June 1993. He first worked with then Tánsaite Seán mac Tómás Ó Catháin during a comic film entitled "The Dennis More Story" in February 2008. With the founding of the Kingdom of Coleraine in January 2009, Seán, now Archduke of Noamh Séamus and heir apparent to the throne, advised his father, the King, to appoint Mac Eachaidh Duke of Noamh Peadar. He was named Chancellor for the Nobility on 21 January 2009, due to his support for the Crown's expansion throughout Midwestern North America.

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Preceded by: Duke of Noamh Peadar Succeded by:
Title Created 21 January 2009 - Incumbent
Preceded by: Chancellor of the Nobility Succeded by: [[File:|30x30px]]
Office Established 21 January 2009 - Incumbent