Cathridge, Corennica

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Cathridge, Corennica
Languages spoken Corennican, English
Date founded August 4th, 2010
Population 2
Demonym -
Governor Joftxa CS

Cathridge, Corennica is the capital and largest city of Corennica. It is under the rule of President CS until a Governor is appointed. The current population is 2. It is the home of the Presidential Hall of Corennica, the Royal Hall, and the Hall of Congress.



Cathridge is the founding city of The Republic of Corennica, and is located on the plot of land in which the founding members resided. It is the only Corennican town to contain an actual homestead. Upon its formation the town had an overall population of two.

"Golden Year"

Over the year 2011 many government facilities and organizations were founded. Included the construction of the Royal, Presidential, and Congressional Halls.

Royal Hall

The Royal Hall of Corennica is where the royal branch is located. The hall itself is located in Cathridge, Corennica. It is where all public affair matters are handled and is also where the Chief Justice documents trials.

Presidential Hall

The Presidential Hall of Corennica houses the President of Corennica. He is responsible for proposing actions and laws to congress, as well as functioning as an icon of Corennica. The presidential branch is run out of the Presidential Hall, located in Cathridge, Corennica, and includes The Presidents's office.

Congressional Hall

The Congressional Hall of Corennica houses the congress. They propose their own laws and actions as well as veto those proposed by the President.


A September 2011 census reported a population of two in the town.

Race / Ethnicity
White / Caucasian 100%
Black / African 0%
Asian 0%
Other 0%
Religious Affiliation
None 100%
Christianity 0%
Judaism 0%
Islam 0%


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