Central Economic Commission of Uskor

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Central Economic Commission
Economic Planning Commission

Former Jurisdiction Uskor

Headquarters City of Stepenavik

Official languages English, Swedish, Uskorian

Chairman Charlotte Lindström

– Foundation August 1, 2012 (Socialist Commonwealth)
Late 2011 (Kingdom)
– Repeal of the Planned Economy Act 2011 March 9, 2013

The Central Economic Commission (Swedish: Centrala ekonomiska kommission, Uskorian: Sentral Økonomien Kommissien) was the organisation constitutionally responsible for implementing and overseeing Zealandia's planned economy. Originally established after the abolishment of the Uskorian Stock Exchange under the Planned Economy Act 2011 of the then Kingdom of Uskor.


As set in the Constitution of the Socialist Commonwealth of Uskor it was the role of the central economic commission to:

  • protect the economic rights of the citizens
  • promote and foster a planned economy with democratic participation
  • regulate corporations, investment and finances within the Socialist Commonwealth


The CEC had one major agency under it control: