Centralia (Nova Tromsø)

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The Republic of Centralia is a senatorial nation controlled by the Grand Senate of Nova Tromsø.

Republic of Centralia
Flag of Centralia
Coat of arms of Centralia
Coat of arms
For the prosperity of our nation.
Anthem: None
CapitalCoravinsk (administrative)
Largest cityNew Narvik
Official languagesEnglish, Romanian
GovernmentLocal senatorial seat to the Senate of Nova Tromsø
• Senator for Centralia
CurrencyNovtromsian hex and Euro
Date formatdd/mm/yyyu
Driving sideleft

Centralia had mostly been a monarchy, until the Confederation was established by Konstantínos Hockenheim and Ŵerat Karalínim. Currently, the proclaimed Senator for Centralia is the former - who has been in the position since establishment.


The name “Centralia” stems from the location of the nation itself, being the centre of Nova Tromsø.