Centuria III Monoviae

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Centuria III Monoviae was a century in Cohors I Esmonda, a unit in the Austenasian Army. For the entirety of its existence it was stationed in and around Monovia as a result of the Principality of Monovia holding the status of a protected state of Austenasia until December 2016. The century was under standing orders to defend Monovia and its government.

Centuria III Monoviae
Active 2013-2016
Country Empire of Austenasia
Size 6
(at dissolution)
HIH Prince Harry Fitzpatrick


Centuria III Monoviae was founded on 13 April 2013 by the Fourth Imperial Decree of HIM Emperor Jonathan I after the Monovish Army merged with the Austenasian Army. As a result, the former general of the Monovish Army, Bradley Townsend, became commander of the new unit in the Austenasian Army. He was replaced with Monovia's monarch, Prince Harry Fitzpatrick, in February the following year after the Monovish nation migrated south.

In December 2016, Monovia renounced its claim to independent statehood, resulting in the dissolution of the century on 22 December.