Chair of the Southeast Asian Micronational Association

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Chair of the Southeast Asian Micronational Association
Nyck Bradaten 2.jpg
Nyck Bradaten

since 11 January 2023
StyleMr/Ms. Chair
His/Her Excellency (informal)
Term lengthThree months
Inaugural holderAzwariq Qadri
Formation24 July 2021

The Chair of the Southeast Asian Micronational Association is the executive leader and chief administrative officer of the Southeast Asian Micronational Association. Akin to the Secretary-General of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the Chairperson is the most senior of the three recognised leaders of the SEAMA, with the office taking precedence over all other political appointments and positions in the organisation. The Chair exercises a wide range of powers within the organisation, though they have little direct control over member states and their representatives, with the vast majority of their powers being technical and administrative. The Chair nominates a Vice-Chair to assist and deputise for them where necessary. Also, both Chair and Vice-chair serves for the Southeast Asian Micronations Games Federation, but then later disputed.


The post of Chairman was formally established on 24 July 2021. In his capacity as the founder of the institution, Azwariq Qadri became the first official Chair since its creation. Also, he nominates his de facto vice-chair, Ezra.


The Chair served for a term of only three months. The Chair is elected by all full members in a ballot held online, with one vote allotted to each member state.

List of SEAMA Chairmen

# Portrait Name
Origin (nation)
Vice-Chair Term of office Political affiliation
Azwariq Qadri's 2022 official portrait.jpg Azwariq Qadri
Democratic Republic of Subejia
Ezra (de facto) 24 July 2021 17 December 2021 SEMASA
The founder of SEAMA self-declared himself as a Chair since its foundation. During his term, he also founded the Southeast Asian Micronations Games Federation and became President. He also wanted the Republic of Meme Indonesia (now as Federation of Meme Indonesia) joined the organization but failed. He tried again and he succeeded to invite them. During the Operation The End, he declared war on People's Fascist of Nabilia (now as United Nabilia) and signed peace treaty after the war.
Nyck Bradaten 1 March 2022 1 January 2023 SEMASA
First Chair to be elected to a second term, and the first Chair to renewed his term. During his term, he cancelled the 2022 SEAM Games[1] and SEAMA May 2022 election.
2 No Image.png Thomas Jacobs
Most Serene Republic of Richensland
Manggala Alif Prasetia 1 January 2023 11 January 2023 Richensland Party
Second chair of the SEAMA. Won unopposed in the December 2022 chair election as no other candidates ran for the position. Declared his mandate to be a one of continuing reform and expansion of membership in the SEAMA. Later, he resigned as Chair, making him as the shortest-serving Chair in SEAMA's history.
No Image.png Manggala Alif Prasetia
Republic of Zarkyiv
Acting Chairman
None 11 January 2023 1 March 2023 Zarkyivian People's Party
The first acting chair after the resignation of Thomas Jacobs.
3 Nyck Bradaten 2.jpg Nyck Bradaten
Most Serene Republic of Richensland
Saleh A.H 1 March 2023 Incumbent Richensland Party
The third chair of the SEAMA to be elected. He was chose after the negotiation and due to rotational chairmanship.