Chairman of the Corps of Diplomats (Wellmoore)

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The Chairman of the Corps is the professional head of HM's Corps of Diplomats.

Chairman of the Corps of Diplomats
Presidente do Corpo de Diplomatas
None Appointed
HM's Corps of Diplomats
StyleMr (Ms) Chairman
Member ofHM's Corps of Diplomats
Reports toMonarch of Wellmoore & Minister of Foreign Affairs
AppointerMonarch of Wellmoore
on advice of the Minister of Foreign Affairs
Term lengthAt His Majesty's Pleasure
Formation24th of July 2021
DeputyDeputy Chairman of the Corps of Diplomats


The role was established on the 24th of July 2021, with the founding of the Corps of Diplomats. The role was founded to oversee the corps on the Ministry of Foreign Affair's behalf.


Overseeing the Corps of Diplomats

The Chairman's primary role is overseeing and managing the Corps of Diplomats. They ensure the smooth running of the organisation and ensure that Wellmoore's wider interests are promoted as well as the aims of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are safely enacted.


Above all else, the Chairman is also a diplomat and may engage on diplomatic missions with other Wellmoorean Diplomats.

List of Chairmen

No Chairmen have yet been appointed.

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