Chairman of the Senate (Tropicana)

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Chairman of the Senate
Lucas de Tropicana

since 22 May 2022
Senate of Tropicana
StyleMr Chairman (informal)
Member ofSenate of Tropicana
Reports toPresident of Tropicana
AppointerPresident of Tropicana
Term lengthAt the President's Pleasure
Formation13 May 2022
First holderLucas de Tropicana
Unofficial namesSenate Chairman


The role of Chairman was founded on 13 May 2022. Initially it was going to be the President of Tropicana who would preside over the senate but then Lucas de Tropicana decided to create a separate role for this that should be appointed by the president and could be hold by the president if they wished.

List of Officeholders


The role of the Chairman of the Senate includes:

  • Chairing Senate Meetings
  • Creating Bills for the Senate to Review to send to the President
  • Creating Meeting Schedules
  • Appointing Senators


The Senate Chairman is appointed by the President of Tropicana. However the president may also appoint themselves to hold the role of Chairman while also serving the Presidency.

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