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The chairmanship of Jack Dean, who was a delegate for the Commonwealth of Essexia during his Chairmanship, began on the 1st January 2021. He won the December 2020 election with the largest number of votes (28) and amid the largest turn out (95.8%). He succeeded Newton von Uberquie, but didn't seek re-election. He resigned 6 minutes before the end of his term, and was succeeded by Terry of Essexia (Who subsequently served the shortest term so far as Chair of the GUM) and then Anthony Clark.

His term saw lots of changes to the fundamental structure of the GUM, mostly as a result of the implementation of a new charter and statutory code. Other changes included the adoption of a new logo, reorganisation of the discord server, more information given on why applicants have been rejected and the adoption of a discord members list. His term also saw the most Vice-Chairs (3) and Vice-Chair nominations (4).


For more information, see Grand Unified Micronational election, December 2020

Jack announced his candidacy on the 7th November 2020, as a delegate for Poplar Nerva. He remained a relatively unknown candidate until December, when his campaign (Which most notably included Leon Montan, Terry of Essexia (Events Secretary) and Matthew of Essexia (Vice-Chair)) began producing posters, a manifesto, a timeline, website, discord server and other materials. Despite competing with three separate candidates, Jack was able to stay a frontrunner and secured one of the strongest victories in GUM electoral history.



Jack had chosen Leon Montan as his Vice-Chair ticket as, early in his run, there were few other alternatives. However, Leon was rejected by quorum. Jack then chose to nominate acting Vice-Chair Matthew of Essexia, who switched delegations to Uber-Esse and was confirmed. There was some controversy over this as some had thought that Jack would nominate Brooklyn Hewitt instead. Matthew served for 3 months until the 11th March 2021, when he resigned due to personal commitments and ended his tenure as the GUM's second longest-serving Vice-Chair. Jack then nominated Brooklyn Hewitt who was confirmed by quorum on the 20th March 2021. However, Brooke then resigned almost 3 months later on the 13th June 2021 as she was stepping down from much of the micronational community. Therefore Jack nominated Terry of Essexia (Events Secretary) despite his inactivity due to the trust he had in him. Terry was confirmed on the 21st June 2021. As a result, Jack ended his term with a record 3 separate Vice-Chairs, and having nominated 4 to the position. In addition, as Matthew was a part of the Essexian delegation whilst he was acting Vice-Chair, this was the first time both the Chair and Vice-Chair were from the same delegation. In addition, when Terry was confirmed, it became the first such time that both the Chair and nominated Vice-Chair were from the same delegation.

Dean Administration
Position Name Notes
Vice-Chair Matthew of Essexia (Until 11 March 2021)

Brooklyn Hewitt (20 March - 13 June 2021)

Terry of Essexia (From 21 June 2021)

- Most Vice-Chairs under one Chair

- Only time a nominee has been rejected

Secretariat for Public Relations and Press Jaydon Lycon (From 2 January 2021)
Secretariat for Statistical Research Daniel Hamilton (From 2 January 2021)
Secretariat for Events & Summits Terry of Essexia (From 4 July 2020) - Retained his position
Secretariat of Diplomacy & Recruitment Tomáš Falešník (From 2 January 2021)
Secretariat for Micronational Development Alex of Lytera (From 2 January 2021)
Secretariat for Asia Affairs Dhrubajyoti Roy (From 2 January 2021)
Safeguarding Officer Cedar of Sonderan (From 20 June 2020) - Retained her position
GUM Archivist Jack (From 2 January 2021) - Jack couldn't find a suitable replacement

Judicial appointments

Lobby moderators

He appointed 3 new Lobby Moderators in an attempt to retain decorum within the Lobby.




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