Chancellor of Indokistan

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Chancellor of the
Republic of Indokistan
Kanselir Republik Indokistan
COA Indokistan 6.png
StyleHis Excellency
ResidenceSuwarnakarta (last)
Inaugural holderNabil Ihsan
Formation3 October 2013
Final holderNabil Ihsan
AbolishedJanuary 2013
SuccessionPresident of Indokistan
Federal State of Indokistan

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Chancellor of Indokistan (Indonesian: Kanselir Indokistan) was a short-lived title of Indokistani head of government during the Third Republic era in 2012. It was an attempt to again divide the head of state and government of Indokistan, with the President had only its head of state function remaining.

Nabil Ihsan was appointed to the position by president Jendri Mamahit in 3 October 2013 during the establishment of the Indokistani Third Republic. Inside the supreme Indokistani Federal Council during the Federal Republic of Indokistan, he also holds the equal Head of Government title. He became the only individual to hold the title until its abolition.

Indokistan was initially a parliamentary republic with the Prime Minister as the equal title of the head of government. The system survives until February 2012, when the prime minister Nabil Ihsan ascended presidential office after resignation of Dicky L. K. without appointing acting prime minister, and was ultimately extinct in August 2012, during the establishment of the Emergency Government of Indokistan.

The position was disbanded in January 2013, during the start of the Provisional Government, after it was abandoned when Nabil Ihsan was forced to replace Jendri Mamahit as president as aftermath of Royal Council Rebellion ended in December 2012. Succeeding Indokistan government later remerge head of state and head of government function to the President.


Portrait Name Term of office Political Party President
Foto PM.jpg Nabil Ihsan 3 October 2013 18 December 2013 Solidarity Noflag.png
Jendri Mamahit