Chancellor of Matuco

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Chancellor of Matuco
Chanceler de Matuco
Office of the Chancellor
StyleThe Right Honourable
TypeHead of Government
StatusMinister of the Crown
Member ofCabinet
NominatorNational Assembly
Term lengthAt Her Grace's Pleasure
Formation23 March 2023
DeputyVice Chancellor

The Chancellor of Matuco is the head of government in the Principality of Matuco. The chancellor heads the cabinet and sits as a member of the national assembly. The chancellor is appointed by the monarch. The office of chancellor was established on 23 March 2023.


The chancellor is always appointed by the monarch. The monarch has the theoretical ability to appoint whomever they wish to office, but typically appoint the leader of the largest party in the national assembly as they are likely to command the most confidence in parliament.

Role and Duties

The primary roles and powers of the chancellor originate from the fact they're a member of the legislature and are typically the leader of their party. As the chancellor leads the legislative process in parliament, if they have a large majority then they will easily be able to push the government's legislative agenda through parliament. The chancellor also nominates ministers for office and can influence the legislation that originates from each department.

The chancellor is also typically required to appoint a vice chancellor to aid them in these duties.

Styles of Address

As a member of the cabinet, the chancellor is granted the style of "The Right Honourable". Formally the chancellor can be addressed as "His/Her Excellency the Chancellor of Matuco".

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