Chancellor of Spainsia

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The Chancellor of the Spainsia Republic is the Head of Government in the Spainsia Republic. The Chancellor is also the Deputy Chair of the Cabinet of Spainsia. The Chancellor is appointed by the President of Spainsia.

Chancellor of the Spainsia Republic
Canciller de la República de Españasia
None Appointed
Office of the Chancellor
StyleMr (Madam) Chancellor
TypeHead of Government
Member ofCabinet of Spainsia
House of Representatives
Reports toPresident of Spainsia
AppointerPresident of Spainsia
Term lengthAt His Excellency's Pleasure
Formation3rd of February 2022
DeputyVice Chancellor of Spainsia


The Spainsian chancellery was established on the 3rd of February 2022 after the establishment of the Spainsia Republic, as a deputy to the President of Spainsia.


The Chancellor is responsible for the management and leadership of the federal government as well as the management of elected Members of Parliament serving in Government.

The Chancellor also reports to the President about their work in Parliament and to keep the President up to date on federal and national matters.


The Chancellor is typically nominated by election in the House of Representatives. After that the President of Spainsia may appoint the Chancellor. The President has the authority to appoint whomever they like, but typically pick the person who wields the most confident such as the person nominated by the House of Representatives.

Vice Chancellor

After an election the Chancellor is required to appoint a Vice Chancellor from their party to serve as their deputy.

Styles of Address

Chancellors are typically addressed as Mr or Madam Chancellor.

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