Chancellor of the Exchequer (New Melanesia)

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Chancellor of the Exchequer
Canciller del Erario
Treasury of New Melanesia
StyleMr/Madam Chancellor (informal)
Member ofCouncil of Ministers
NominatorPrime Minister
Term lengthAt the President's Pleasure
Formation11 September 2022

The Chancellor of the Exchequer is the chief officer of the Treasury of New Melanesia as well as a high ranking member of the council of ministers.


Fiscal Policy

The chancellor has considerable power over other ministries as it's the treasury that sets expenditure limits for other departments. One part of the chancellor's key roles include the framing of the government's annual budget.

Monetary Policy

While the Bank of New Melanesia sets interest rates, the chancellor has some level of influence this. The chancellor also sets inflation targets for interest rates.

National Bank

The chancellor, as the Bank of New Melanesia is state-owned, typically has the role of appointing the Chief Executive of the bank. As well as this they have some influence over the bank's affairs.


The Chancellor, as a cabinet minister, is typically nominated by the Prime Minister. In their capacity as head of state, the President of New Melanesia formally appoints officeholders.

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