Chancellor of the Treasury (New Virginia)

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Chancellor of the Treasury
Treasury NV.png
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Sir Simon White KNVI

since 23 May 2020
AppointerThe President on the advice of the Prime Minister

The Chancellor of the Treasury of the Commonwealth of New Virginia, also known simply as the Chancellor of the Treasury or the Chancellor, is the member of the New Virginian Cabinet who leads the Treasury. The Chancellor of the Treasury, therefore, is responsible for the fiscal policy of the Commonwealth. The Chancellor of the Treasury oversees the collection of taxes, fines and donations. The Chancellor of the Treasury also manages government expenditure and coordinates the funding of government agencies.

The first and incumbent Chancellor of the Treasury is Sir Simon White KNVI, who was appointed by Chairman of the Provisional Council Dame Brooklyn Hewitt KNVI on 23 May 2020. To date, White's tenure as Chancellor makes him the longest serving official in the Commonwealth.

List of Chancellors of the Treasury

Number Picture Name Political party Took office Left office Notes
1 File:Simon White.jpg Sir Simon White KNVI Independent 23 May 2020 Incumbent Appointed Chancellor of the Treasury by Chairman Dame Brooklyn Hewitt KNVI upon the establishment of the Treasury and other ministries by the Ministries and National Security Council Resolution 2020. Continued to hold office following the enactment of the Constitution and the formation of the first government under Prime Minister Dame Elizabeth Lewis

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