Chancellor of the Würtige Empire

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Chancellor of  Würtige Empire
James Frisch

since 25 January 2021
StyleSir/His Excellency
Term lengthAt the pleasure of the Imperial Council
Inaugural holderJames Frisch
Formation1 January 2021
Salary$0 per year

The Chancellor of the Würtige Empire is the head of government of the Würtige Empire. The office was formed as part of the Second Würtige Joining Treaty. The head of the Imperial Executive, the Chancellor is nominated by the Kaiser and is then voted into office by the Imperial Council.


The role of the Chancellor is defined in the Second Würtige Joining Treaty.

Chapter 3: The Imperial Executive

1. There is to be an Imperial Executive, the executive body of the Empire.

2. The Imperial Executive is to be composed of a Chancellor, and Ministers appointed by the Emperor on the advice of the Chancellor.

3. The Chancellor must have the support of the Imperial Council. The Emperor is to nominate a Chancellor, and the nominee must have the confidence of a majority of members of the Imperial Council to take office.

4. The Imperial Council may hold a vote of confidence in the Chancellor, but only if three months or more have passed since a previous vote of confidence. If the Chancellor does not have the confidence of the Imperial Council, their office is vacated.

— Second Würtige Joining Treaty

List of Chancellors

No. Name
Portrait Tenure Notes
Appointment Administration end Administration duration
1 James Frisch
Serene Beaconite Republic
25 January
Present 980 days First Chancellor of the Würtige Empire.


Time in office

Below is a list of Chancellors by time in office:

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