Charter of guaranteed rights

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The Charter of guaranteed rights is a Marquetten constitutional law and charter of rights that lays out the inherent legal rights of all Marquetten citizens and residents.

Full text

The following is a transcription of the current version of the Charter of guaranteed rights, this document is updated far more regularly than the Constitution

Charter of guaranteed rights

All citizens may lay claim to a throne (including the Grand Ducal throne), no matter how legitimate, can not be charged with treason.

All citizens have the right to life (even government organizations can not take this away.)

Citizens are free to criticize the actions of the government.

Citizens have a right to be addressed as chosen and stated.

Citizens have the right to protest for their opinions and beliefs, and if they deem required, disruptively.

Citizens have the right to due process even in the face of the "greater good".

Citizens are permitted to, provided proper safety measures are insured before purchase, own small arms.

Citizens are permitted to, Provided there is proper paperwork filed and all members haven't committed a crime in the past 25 years and have undergone a psyche test of national standard, form militias.

All citizens have the right to serve in the government unless serving in a house of parliament other than the one they are running for or have commited a crime in the 10 years.

Any citizen who believes in any religion or none at all,  has the right to safely and publicly practice their belief, unless said belief violates other guaranteed rights or the sovereignty of our nation.

Any citizen who believes in any religion, or none at all has the right to privacy in their home from members of other religious communities.

All citizens have the right to health care including for non-fatal treatments, such as gender affirming surgeries.

Any organization dedicated to preventing any one from reaching their guaranteed rights is not protected by law, and in fact, is actively persecuted.