Cheezit McDaniels

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Cheezit McDaniels in front of the Imperial Council Building at Lawyerville

Cheezit McDaniels is an Australian politician and professional tax evader. He is the autocratic emperor of the Empire of Douglas Grant Park.



Cheezit McDaniels was born on 8 February 1973 in Naples when his parents were on holiday, Cheezit was born into a wealthy family who lived Sydney, his father was a stock broker and his mother was a rich actress. Cheezit McDaniels befriended Japitty Cumquat in year 8 at Killarney Heights High School. Cheezit McDaniels befriended Japitty Cumquat after Cumquat had thrown a raw egg at his head for being a 'nerd' (japitty frequently called people 'nerds' and 'bruised bananas'). After Japitty had thrown the egg, Cumquat invited him to sit at his bench. Cheezit was known for being a straight A student on the honour roll. By this time McDaniels was living in a mansion in the Sydney, suburb of Darling Point. He owned a Lamborghini Jalpa (despite being not old enough to drive) and a diamond encrusted Rolex. He frequently invited Japitty Cumquat to his mansion for 'play dates', despite being in year 10. Japitty convinced Cheezit McDaniels to join his 'micronational conquest'. Cheezit McDaniels passed years 11 and 12 with flying colours.

University Study and First Job

After leaving school he went directly to the Australian National University to study law. he was known to be an overachiever and graduated University with honours. During his time at university he maintained his friendship with Japitty Cumquat. He started his own law firm in 1997 called McDaniels & co Solicitors. In 1998 he sold his law firm to David Chinchilla Law Services ltd. and began to work for David Chinchilla. He soon left David Chinchilla Law Services ltd. due to David's extreme incompetence in every area of law except civil transport. During his work life he developed his disdain for taxes.

Falling out with Japitty Cumquat

In 2001 Cheezit McDaniels had a falling out with his long time friend Japitty Cumquat over the air conditioning in McDaniels car. The falling out began when Japitty Cumquat entered McDaniels Bentley Azure to go for a drive to a supermarket to get some Bundaberg passionfruit. Cumquat complained to McDaniels about the temperature of the car being too cold (it was 30 °C, and they had the sunroof down). McDaniels stated that he would not put on the hot air-con which subsequently sent Japitty into a fit of rage. He jumped out of the moving car despite McDaniels best attempts to console him. He subsequently deleted Cheezit McDaniels number off his phone. They have remained enemies to this day.


Cheezit McDaniels founded the Empire of Douglas Grant Park after being removed from Broadway JB-HI-FI for "stealing a DVD". He walked around Annandale until he found Douglas Grant Park, and he realised he could avoid taxes by claiming the park as a micronation. He began living in the park and avoiding authorities. He befriended a man by the name of Reginald "Jonno" McEdwardstien IX after Reginald stumbled into the park and began talking to Cheezit. Cheezit agreed to give Reginald citizenship of his micronation and exemption from taxes if Reginald agreed that Cheezit was the leader. Cheezit soon became suspicious of Reginald, and wrote a constitution to prevent Reginald from taking power, establishing himself as a monarch for life. This eventually developed into his nuclear hermet empire. He rules as a totalitarian monarch who oppresses his people. His style of rule is similar to that of Japitty Cumquats. Whilst in power he developed a love for nuclear weapons and vowed to get his own.


Cheezit McDaniels has no discernable ideology other than tax evasionism and nuclear extremism.

Relationship with the Law

Cheezit McDaniels is known to police for being a nuclear extremist and frequently is arrested for urinating on the Katoomba police station (even th. He walks to Katoomba "frequently for imperial war activities and populist uprisings" as well as protesting doctors for "not letting him eat raw chicken". He has been hospitalised 7 times for salmonella. He nearly died twice.) Cheezit McDaniels has no connection to the town of Katoomba.