Chief Architect of Wellmoore

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The Chief Architect of Wellmoore is the head national architect in the Kingdom of Wellmoore.

Chief Architect of Wellmoore
Arquiteto Chefe de Wellmoore
Office of the Monarch
NominatorPrime Minister of Wellmoore
AppointerMonarch of Wellmoore
typically on advice of the outgoing Chief Architect or the Government
Term lengthAt His Majesty's Pleasure
Formation10th of December 2021
First holderSamuel A
DeputyDeputy Chief Architect of Wellmoore



The role of Chief Architect was established on the 10th of December 2021. A friend of King Luke of Wellmoore was promoted to the role.


The duties of the Chief Architect include:

  • Overseeing Architectural and Construction Projects within Wellmoore
  • Managing any Architects hired by HM's Government of Wellmoore
  • Designing some buildings to be Constructed within Wellmoore

List of Chief Architects

  • Samuel A (10 December 2021 - 14 February 2022)

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