Chief Justice of Albia

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Chief Justice of Albia
Supreme Court of Albia
StyleMr/Madam Chief Justice
The Honourable (formal)
Your Honour (in court)
Member ofSupreme Court of Albia
NominatorMinister of Justice
AppointerMonarch of Albia
Term lengthAt His Majesty's Pleasure
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Albia
Formation18 June 2022
DeputyVice Chief Justice of Albia

The Chief Justice of Albia is the chief judge of the Supreme Court of Albia as well as the highest-ranking officer of the judiciary of the nation. The Chief Justice is appointed by the Monarch of Albia, on the recommendation from the Minister of Justice and remains in office at the pleasure of the monarch.

Powers and Duties


Many of the court's procedures and inner workings are governed by the rules of protocol based on the seniority of the justices. The chief justice always ranks first in the order of precedence regardless of the length of the officeholder's service. This elevated status has enabled successive chief justices to define and refine both the court's culture and its judicial priorities.

The chief justice sets the agenda for the weekly meetings as well as deciding whether to hear or deny each case.

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