Chief Leader of Feuille

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Chief Leader of Feuille Special Administrative Region of the Free Socialist State of Paloma
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Andrew Derbah

since 13 October 2019
StyleThe Honourable
NominatorSupreme Council
AppointerSupreme Council (Decree signed by President)
Term lengthFive years, renewable
once consecutively
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Quebec
Formation1 July 1997
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The Chief Leader is the head of the regional government of the Feuille Special Administrative Region of the People's Federation of Quebec. The Chief Leader is elected by the Supreme Council every five years.

Prime ministers of Quebec

Prime minister Portrait Tenure Political affiliation
(at time of appointment)
Head(s) of State
Took office Left office
1 Andrew Derbah Ph.png 13 October 2019 Communist Party Aidan McGrath

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