Chief Rabbi of Bastara

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Chief Rabbi of Bastara
הויפט רב פון באסטארא
Department of Religious Affairs
Office of the Chief Rabbi
StyleMr. Chief Rabbi
TypeReligious Leader
Term lengthAt His Majesty's Pleasure
Constituting instrumentNational Religion Decree
Formation13 June 2023
Unofficial namesCrown Rabbi

The Chief Rabbi of Bastara is the religious leader for the Jewish community in the Kingdom of Bastara and rabbi to the royal family. They are the most senior religious leader in the kingdom as they are the highest ordained minister of the national religion of Judaism.

The chief rabbi is also the chair of the Office of the Chief Rabbi and an advisor and figure in the Department of Religious Affairs in government, and advises the government on Jewish affairs. As well as this, the chief rabbi is guaranteed a seat in the House of Lords as a Lord Spiritual.


The title of chief rabbi was established on 13 June 2023 when Judaism was officially adopted as the national/state religion. The role was established by the National Religion Degree - which is a royal decree passed on 13 June 2023 by King Judah I.


The role of the chief rabbi includes but isn't limited to:

  • Advising the Government on Jewish Affairs and the Implementation of Jewish Law
  • Answering Questions From Bastaran Jews
  • Ministering to the Royal Family
  • Jewish Life Status (e.g. Marriage, Divorce, Conversions)
  • Kosher Certifications
  • Jewish Burials
  • Overseeing Rabbinical Courts

When ministering to the royal family, the Chief Rabbi is sometimes known as the Crown Rabbi.


According to the National Religion Decree, the chief rabbi is appointed by the Monarch of Bastara and serves at the monarch's pleasure. However, they are typically nominated by the Jewish people of the kingdom but the monarch has the ultimate power to appoint the officeholder.

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