Chief of the Naval Staff (Vishwamitra)

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Chief of the Naval Staff
Royal Vishwamitran Navy - Flag.svg
Flag of the Royal Vishwamitran Navy
Member ofRVN
Reports toMinister of Defence
NominatorMinister of Defence
Inaugural holderAdm. Sander Koff
Formation9 July 2021
Final holderAdm. John Caravaggio III
Abolished17 July 2022

The Chief of the Naval Staff is the title of the professional head of the Royal Vishwamitran Navy. The current Commander of the Army is Admiral John Caravaggio III who has been holding office since 16 December 2021.


The Chief of the Naval Staff is appointed by the Rashtradhyaksh, who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Vishwamitran Armed Forces on the advice of the Minister of Defence.

List of Chiefs of the Naval Staff

No. Commander Took office Left office Term in office Reference
1 Admiral
Sander Koff
(2008 – )
9 July 2021 16 December 2021 190 days
2 Admiral
John Caravaggio III

(2003 – )
16 December 2021 17 July 2022 183 days