Chkaya Government (Aswington)

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Chkaya Government
3rd ministry of Aswington
Date formed June 2, 2020
Date dissolved June 22, 2020
People and organizations
Head of government Babou Chkaya
Head of state Juan Cisneros
No. of ministers 7
Member party Juntos
Status in legislature Majority
Opposition party NPP
Opposition leader Noah Woodgeard
Election(s) 2019 II
Previous Juntos Government
Successor Dillon Government

The Chkaya Government was the third cabinet of Aswington. It was formed on May 2, 2020, and takes over the former Juntos Government. However, twenty days later, the government was abruptly dissolved after the Prime Minister resigned.


Portfolio Name Assumed
3rd Government of the Republic of Aswington
Prime Minister Babou Chkaya 2 June 2020   Juntos
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Art and Culture Juan Cisneros 2 June 2020   NDP
Ministry of Sports
Ministry of Environment Ivanna Minaïeva 20 January 2020   Juntos
Ministry of Social Affairs
Ministry of Information Triumvirate[1] 20 January 2020   Juntos
Ministry of State Security
Other Posts
Leader of the Opposition Noah Woodgeard 20 January 2020   NPP


In the same way as the previous government, the Juntos party decided to entrust a triumvirate in two ministries.


  1. Members: Ivanna Minaïeva, Maria Fabré and Adélia Cerdan

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