Christiaan Hugo

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Christiaan Hugo is a citizen of the Zonian Confederacy.

Christiaan Hugo
Micronation:Zonian Confederacy


During the First Feudal Era, he was the Grand Duke. After a loss of Karoo County he was impeached and given the lowly title of Baron of Newlands fief. After Duke Richard Smith announced that he wished to abdicate, Christiaan Hugo set out to be given the title of Duke of Capital County. Before he was able to retrieve that title, King Nicholas I, announced the first Democratic Era of the Confederacy.

King Nicholas I recruited him into the Silver Crown Guild, as a treasurer. His business knowledge gained the party the funds needed to run but before the first Guild Election, the Confederacy went into its 2nd Democratic Era. He was appointed Head of Finance by Emperor Nicholas. After the first election, he won his second term as Financial Head.

When Nicholas Woode-Smith announced the second Feudal Era, Christiaan Hugo was appointed Jarl of Praven. During the 3rd Democratic era, he started the Zonian Conservative League.


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