Christopher I of Cristoria

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Christopher P.
President of Cristoria
In office:
1 January 2023[a] - 30 September 2023
Predecessor Office established
General Secretary of the Independent Cristorian Party
In office:
1 January 2023 - 30 September 2023
Predecessor Office established
King of Cristoria
In office:
11 November 2021 – 23 December 2022
Predecessor Party established
Emperor of Cristoria
In office:
February 2021 – 4 August 2021
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office abolished
Personal information
Born Toledo
Political party Independent Cristorian Party

Christopher P., more commonly known within the micronational community as just Christopher, is an American former micronationalist residing in Toledo, Ohio, United States macronationally and in New Toledo, Socialist Republic of Cristoria micronationally. In September of 2023, Christopher ultimately decided to bring his micronational career to a hault after a staggering three years.

Early life and education

Christopher was born at the Promedica Hospital in Toledo, Ohio, United States, on 6 June 2007.

Christopher currently is in the 11th grade, and is set to graduate high school in 2025. He wishes to pursue his education further in life, planning on going to College.

Social interests

Christopher shows interest on topics such as History, Video Games, Politics and even Astronomy.

Political history

Christopher's introduction into politics was during the 2017 Toledo Mayoral Elections. He declared himself as Centrist during the election. According to him, both equally sucked and that they only focused on downtown Toledo and didn't pay any attention to the outer skirts.

In the 2020 US Presidental Election, Christopher sided with Donald J. Trump, believing Mr. Trump had better policies and believing he had proven worthy of being president during his four previous years as president.

During the January 6 US Capitol attack, Christopher didn't condone any of Trump's actions, stating clearly that he didn't make an effort to control the mob.[2]

As of 2022, Christopher chooses not to support Donald Trump, due to his behavior as president and near the end of his term.

However, Christopher is a massive supporter of the US Armed Forces, as they heavily inspired the Cristorian Armed Forces. He even labels himself as an American Nationalist.

In January 2023, Christopher became openly Socialist,[b] with a majority of his friends disproving of his actions. However, Christopher ignored this and is still a proud Socialist.

Micronational career

Christopher's introduction to micronationalism started in 2020, when he found out about Molossia. He found Molossia to be very interesting, eventually leading to the formation of the Cristorian realm(s).

Christopher has ruled plenty different realms of Cristoria, controlling the Anarchist State, Empire, Kingdom, Republic, and many more.

In 2020, Christopher grew increasingly frustrated with the behavior of the American Government. After the murder of George Floyd in May 2020, Christopher lost all hope in the American Government and believed that the governance of the American government put his basic principles of liberty and freedom at risk. Therefore, he wanted something to call his own, something he can govern himself opposed to the corruption of the American authority.

Christopher founded the Free State of Cristoria as an Anarchist territory, with no superior power reigning over the people, those being his family and pets, at the time. He believed his own governance with no proper government in place was more reliable than the American governance.

Christopher then founded the Cristorian Kingdom after the empire collapsed, on the basic principles of building his micronation from the ground up, believing that it would be more reliable than the American governance.

To avoid the possibility of a "tyranny of the majority" undermining the rights of minorities, Christopher set up Cristoria as an Absolute Monarchy. In a significant departure to how the British system works, he created a legislative body that is similar to the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

Following the collapse of the Kingdom, Christopher founded the Socialist Republic of Cristoria under the departure of how the United States works in terms of legislature.


Christopher plans to also host his own podcasts, where he talks about subjects he likes, such as micronationalism, politics, gaming, and anything he is willing to talk about. The podcast is planned to be on the platforms of Spotify and YouTube.



  1. Upon the writing of the Declaration of Independence,[1] Christopher P. was declared to be the president.
  2. And Communist.