Church of Aspen

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Church of Aspen
''Espen Kyrkan''
ScriptureHoly Bible
HeadJames II Christian
  • English
  • Espenisch
HeadquartersKüngsháfn Cathedral
FounderJames II Christian

The Church of Aspen (Espenisch: Espen Kyrka) is the State Church of the Kingdom of Aspen. The highest authority in the Church of Aspen is the Head of the Church, a position held by the reigning monarch. Membership in the church is voluntary and no one may be compelled to join the church. Although the church is the established state church of the Kingdom of Aspen, freedom of faith and conscience is protected by the constitution and people may practice any faith they wish. As of 2022 8.3% of the population of the Kingdom of Aspen is a member of the Church of Aspen.

Christianity was first introduced to the Americas by the Spanish in the late 15th and early 16th centuries, later the English and the Dutch established Protestant churches in their colonies as well. The establishment of Protestant churches in North America in the 17th century led to a vast diversification of religion. The Church of Aspen follows a doctrine similar to the church of England, however it also incorporates many Methodist and Lutheran customs into its liturgy and theology.

The Church of Aspen continues to be organized based on an episcopal polity. Theological authority is vested in bishops, each overseeing a diocese. The Archbishop of Konigshaven is the Primate and Metropolitan Archbishop all Aspen as well as the Presiding bishop of the College of Bishops, however they are only the first among equals of the members of the College of Bishops.





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