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Flag of Cianistan
Coat of arms of Cianistan
Coat of arms
Motto: "Honour and Loyalty"
Anthem: Hymn of Cianistan
CapitalDomino's Mountain
Largest cityScaffold City
GovernmentDemocratic Confederalism
LegislatureCianistani Democratic Council
• Census
Time zoneGMT/BST

Cianistan is a region within United Commonwealth of Pazistan and Cianistan. The region is governed by the Revolutionary Front..


The name Cianistan, derives from the name of the ancient settlers of the area, known as the Ciani's. The name is derived from the apparent first Ciani Tribal leader, Cian. After the formation of the Union of Pazistani Socialist Republics, the Ciani people formed their own nation within the Union, known as the Cianistani Socialist Republic.


After days of torment and suffering for the Ciani people, they finally joined in a union with the other current Pazistani nations, known as the Union of Pazistani Socialist Republics, and over time this union eventually grew into the United Commonwealth of Pazistan and Cianistan, after months of conflict and violence. This era, has been described as the Golden Period of Cianistan, due to it's increasing prosperity and wealth. A little known fact, is that the original hole that Pazistan was formed around, was indeed dug by Ciani tribesmen.

Geography and climate

The nation is close to the River Taff, and is very flat other than a few small hills and ditches. The nation experiences floods during storms in the summer, but as a result the land is incredibly fertile, and is a haven for species such as the Pazistani Brown Squirrel, Dazakhstani Furry Hare and the Cianistani Wriggly Worm. It rains often in the Free Territory and is very cold during the winter. The area gets a lot of rain due to it's location in Wales, but the area gets very little snow, if any at all. The region got snow for the first time since 2010, in March 2018.


The nation has adopted many Welsh and Ciani customs, and it's official languages are English and Welsh. There have been a few attempts to bring back the ancient Ciani dielect, but the language has since died. The nation has adopted the Ham and Cheese panini, and the Sausage Roll as it's national food, and it's national drink is considered by many to be Pepsi, also known as Bepis in the region. The nation has no official religion, but 88.5% identify with Meirionism, and this is considered to be the state religion.


The flag of Pazistan consists of a white diagonal line, splitting the two colors, red and blue. The red on the flag is used to symbolize the blood of the Martyrs, and the nation's Socialistic past. The blue is used to represent the blue skies above Cianistan, and also the rain that falls on the nation, and both of these are used to symbolize the few things that are truly certain for the future of Cianistan, the sky will remain blue, and the rain will always come. The diagonal white line is used to symbolize prosperity for the nation, and hope. The Star in the upper left corner, is used to represent the future and the nation's Democratic Confederalism.

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