Cisalpine Republic

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Cisalpine Republic
(it) Repubblica Cisalpina
Flag of Cisalpine Republic
Motto: Progressus in Nomine Populi
LocationItaly and San Marino
Official languagesItalian
GovernmentSemipresidential Republic
• President
Mattia Guidi
Establishment25 February 2004
• Census
20 (2009 census)
Time zone(UTC±0 to +1)
This nation is a member of UMI, UNMCN, ULM, LoSS and OMU

The Cisalpine Republic was a semi-presidential democratic micronation allocating three branches of government, relying on different organisms. The President of the Republic (Head of state and government) who appoints the government in harmony with the House of Commons (Parliament), President of the Republic and the Government contribute to administer executive power. The House of Commons is the parliament of microns, depending on the situation may be elected or the people (direct democracy), it holds the legislative power. The Court of Justice is the body that holds the judiciary and then explicates the work of the tribunal.


The Cisalpine Republic was founded on February 25, 2004, by Stefano Aggravi and Alberto Maria Berti, veterans from the experience of New Italy, Micron dissolved a few days after the destruction of their forum, by persons unknown.

First Republic


  • Berti I, (AN, dx) (Interim President and the Framers)
  • Miccoli I, (AN, dx)
  • Berti II (AN, dx)

Under the first presidency Berti, born parties like the Christian Democrats led by Gable, the Greens are represented by Ernesto Corvino and Foedus Italicum, motion grouping several souls of right cisalpina.La population grew and the Cisalpine Republic could therefore count among its row elements known to Micronational landscape, like Andrew Varsori, former ruler of the Empire dissolved Kred.Successivamente Berti leave the throne and was elected president of the Republic, Andrew Small, a member of that party of former president, National Alliance Cisalpine. The constant influx of people, lead to the emergence of two more historic part of Cisalpine landscape, the Zeta Party, led by Giuseppe Macchi, and the Communist Party Cisalpino, by Fabio the Great. Miccoli, a few weeks after his election, he lost his tracks and was elected to replace President Alberto Maria Berti who takes over the reins of the nation for the second time. Simultaneously, the Cisalpine Republic is isolated in the panorama of Italian intermicronazionale after several disagreements with other Micronations Italian language on the true nature of Micron Cisalpine. The months spent banner of peaceful and productive life, interrupted only by disagreements between Andrew Black, a young citizen in charge of making known the Cisalpine Republic in different contexts on the web, and Ettore Muti, Secretary of Foedus Italicum. Born Pole Novelty educational, recreational and cultural purposes, and a planned economic activity carried out in accordance with the potential Cisalpine by Steve Gable, but a few months after its submission fails for its difficult implementation. The situation changed radically with the birth of the party founded by the citizen Cisalpine Carlo Rossini aka "Hio" Proletarian Democracy, which soon will have among their ranks, "Lucio Rossi, Marco Sferini the century, the former dictator of the defunct micronation Microitalia. This party, which cause much surprise within intermicronazionale, either for its intransigent positions than in the past the above-mentioned cumbersome writing, declaring through his secretary to dismiss the opposing parties beginning with the extreme right. The ever more aggressive line, is put into practice with the arbitrary deletion of messages posted in its section by any user not connected to the party, including those of officials and ministers. President Berti, to put an end to the controversy, decided to remove from office for a week Hio moderator of the section of DP Muti and the minister and administrator, who responded eagerly to the nth censorship. In response to this decision, Proletarian Democracy proclaimed a nationwide strike. The undemocratic and intolerant attitude to civil life held by demo-proletarians, brings the whole parliament, the Communist Party Foedus Italicum, to take sides against them. The story ends with the deletion of the section of DP by a paramilitary apparatus of the secret service Cisalpine, whose inspiring leadership will likely turn out to be the minister and army colonel Cisalpine Gable, who in any case in advance of a few hours closure of the section by the authorities Cisalpine. Members D.P. leave the Cisalpine and founded the "Soviet Republic Cisalpine" whose name will later simply "Soviet Republic", following the unanimous protest of the citizens Cisalpine. Closed the brief "D.P." The Cisalpine Republic is not the time to resume its activities that the secretary of the Communist Party of numerous Cisalpino, Fabio the Great, proclaimed a new national strike after being refused the assignment of the charge of forum-admin opposition. But the refusal is motivated by some information about the Great whose government is in possession and will not hesitate to make public domain once they have verified the truth: behind Fabio Magno conceals a member of the Christian Democrats Cisalpine Andrew Black. Following the publication of this information and the subsequent trial, the young citizen Cisalpine choose to migrate to a community of purpose Micronational claims he founded and which will last just two months. Leaving, will eliminate the Polo Fun and educational, of which he was administrator. The P.C.C. finds a new secretary Francesco Mengo and the post of Admin for the opposition will be assigned to the Communist Mario Pronello.

Second Republic

October 2004 began with the presidential election, won by the Hon. Muti. But about ten days from the election unknown attack the Cisalpine Republic, erasing the entire contents of the forum which fortunately is recovered in full by the operators of the service that is hosted. However you decide to transfer the forum to be Forumcommunity FreeForumZone. Here life resumed as normal. After four months of legislative work, unfortunately, is a new attack. The matrix is almost certainly the same as the first attack, and probably also that at New Italy. Fortunately, the work of the Constituent Assembly was previously saved, and the forum has not been canceled. Cisalpine life starts again, this time dedicated to safety. In the following months, following an inspection of the IP addresses of some people suspect are discovered as many as 8 users clone created by Hio and, surprisingly, even one created by Dan Castle, a member of the PCC and former microitaliano. Subsequently, the Cisalpine undergoes numerous institutional reforms by the various government led by the same Muti, who gets the trust for a second term. Intermicronazionale landscape is characterized by the "secret war" between the Cisalpine and the "Soviet Republic", while the meetings with Micron Empire wrecked twice leaving no more hope of reconciliation. The sudden death of President Muti leads the current government to appoint Aggravi Interim President of the Republic, with the aim of bringing as soon as the Cisalpine new elections. But this government, which will close the Muti was especially "the era Micronational middle" for the Republic, will make more step that will lay the foundations Micron to declare their will after breakaway and independent of all other reality institutional. (work in progress: the history is rewriting and updating ..)

2009 from 23 April: Chairman Guido

On April 23, 2009, he was elected President of the Republic Mattia Guidi, who then happens to Francis Laurent in first charge state Cisalpino.

The government of new president, that in the first period saw all ministerial powers concentrated in the figure of the President, is characterized immediately due to the innovations in the so-called "instruments of contact" that Micron uses to communicate internally and to get to know ' outside, the "rest of the world." After the opening of 'official blog' (Gazzettino Cisalpine Republic) during the previous government, were made two important changes.

After many discussions about the need to have a new website, complete awareness and understanding in the best meaning of microns and the reality of the Cisalpine Republic, and the possible transfer of official forum'platform FreeForumZone to that forumcommunity, we arrive at two important solutions. The story that repeats itself, first as a forumcommunity FreeForumZone ForumCommunity and time again. The decision stems from the fact that FreeForumZone public visibility had been reduced to a minimum, given the paucity of users of the circuit and the sudden problems encountered in administering the same forum. Alongside was born new official website Cisalpine Republic which is certainly more complete than the last. The first site is not abandoned but still used in parallel to the new.

With the V (fifth) Press Presidential Drive confirms that the impetus to foreign policy is another key plank in the first months in office and thereafter. The Cisalpine Republic was recognized and entered in quick succession, treated with six Micronations (Italian-speaking or not).

The commitment of the Cisalpine was definite and decisive, as during the previous government, even in re-launching the Italian-speaking Union of Micronations. And indeed, the President with the press on May 12, proposed to the Italian-speaking communities intermicronazionale to overcome the language barrier and transform this union of Italian speakers in a true Union of Micronations, at all levels and all languages. (June 2009)

On 26 June 2009, the foreign policy is one of his biggest hits, the admission of the Cisalpine Republic in loss (League of Secession -, surely a sign that will remain indelible in our history . To this we can add the entry UNMCN (United Miconations - about a month later than in the loss, on July 22.

Between these two events, foreign policy, he interposes (in the first half of July) a culture-bound Cisalpine: the opening of the Cisalpine Universitas Studiorum, which has found new momentum directly from the Presidency of the Republic, has opened its doors with four courses (history, sociology, anti-psychiatry, political science and autumn course of federalism).

On 21 July the eleventh presidential statement announcing the appointment of the Prime Minister led government. The citizen Captains Quentin becomes Minister of Justice with special responsibility for peace and national propaganda.

Despite the summer penalizes always life Micronational, due to the holiday commitments of citizens, institutional activities and key services are maintained and always active. Furthermore, over this period, it reshaped the structure of the Cisalpine Universitas Studiorum which then opens the courses in mid-October as planned.

Important news with the month of September. The appointment of Minister for Internal Affairs who then also will win delegates Economy, given the approval of the first law in this matter by the House of Commons during the months of summer heat continued his meticulous and hard work. The law comes as the economy under the law of jurisdiction, touches on many aspects without regulating in detail, because the government had already planned a series of future implementations to implement. Derived from the Law on the Economy: Organization of the Treasury, National Bank Cisalpine (Ufficio di Cambio, Private accounts, Conti Companies), Organization of Labor (employment agencies, Job postings, Companies).

At the same time completes the rearrangement of the structure of the Cisalpine Universitas Studiorum opening enrollment courses and to his five starts in mid-October to open the most popular participatory and students (Federalism and the Campaign Against Violence).

Foreign Affairs - Diplomacy

Requisit - Terms

The Cisalpino Republic is willing to have diplomatic relations with all nations that meet certain fundamental principles listed below.

'1 ') Respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in particular, the right to individual freedom, the right to life, the right to self-determination, the right to a fair trial, the right to a dignified existence, the right to religious freedom with the consequent right to change their religion.
'2 ') Follows the point 1 is the repudiation of war as a way to troubleshoot or resolve any disputes.
'3 ') Is' Must Demonstrate that their nation has existed for at least 6 months.

official accounts - Contact diplomacy