City Council of Mos Engadine

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The City Council of Mos Engadine is the governing body of the nation. It consists of the Mayor and his appointed cabinet along with a selection of city elders. Their role is to manage the day to day workings of the city and organise projects relating to city expansion. Externally they also hold authority over foreign affairs and trade. The Council consists of the Mayor and a selected body of seniors; the Cabinet which is a group of Officers holding authority over a certain area (ie Trade or Defence) it also formerly contained City Elders, experienced citizens who have normally previously served in a higher seat of power (Mayor or Officer) and want to continue their role in the city but without the added responsibilities of a portfolio however they were removed at the creation of the Mos Engadine Senate.

City Hall

Current Council




Machove, Officer for State Security

Ipivog, Officer for State Trade

Toibe, Officer for State Religion

Dopauw, Officer for State Transport