Cleddau River Islands Monarchy

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King of United Cleddau Islands
Christian Michael Still
StyleHis Majesty
First monarchChristian
Formation3 September 2011

The Monarchy of the United Cleddau Islands is an absolute monarchy, although it is soon to become a constitutional monarchy. The present monarch, King Christian, who has ruled since the formation of the monarchy. The official title of the King is King of the United Cleddau River Islands.


The Royal Family undertakes various official, ceremonial and representational duties. As an absolute monarch, the King held absolute power over executive, legislative, and judicial matters, although these powers were passed to the Prime Minister when the monachy became constitutional.

The King is the head of state and still has to power to revoke the powers of the Prime Minister is needed.

Members and line of succession

The current line of succession is as follow's:

Current monarch: HM King Christian

  • HRH Prince Wayne
  • HRH Princess Lowri
  • HRH Princess Zoe
  • HRH Princess Olivia
  • HRH Lord Alan
  • HRH Viscount Gregory
  • HRH Lady Stephanie
  • HRH Lady Kay
  • HRH Viscount Lee
  • The Hon. Carly
  • HRH Viscount Josh
  • HRH Lady Michelle
  • HRH Lady Jacqueline
  • The Hon. Mason
  • The Hon. Theo

There are several people who are not on the line of succession as they are above King Christian in lineage, and as a title can not be passed up a family tree, the king has given them title's to suit the positions.

  • HRH The Kings Mother
  • HRH The Kings Father
  • HRH The Kings Grandfather
  • HRH The Kings Grandmother
  • HRH The Kings Grandfather
  • HRH The Kings Grandmother