Cliff Island Civil War

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Cliff Island Civil War
Cliff Island and territories
Result Loyalist Victory
Commanders and leaders

Sir. Jackson Niles Alexander I

Sir.Logan Clarke I
Josh M.
Ashley D.
Shawn Dodson
10 14

The Cliff Island Civil War, also known as the Cliff Island Terrorist War and the Cliff Island Communist War, was a civil war fought between the Cliff Island Army and the CICA terrorist Organization. It began when CICA was caught attempting to kidnap the President, Vice President, and Secretary of State.

The War

After the Reformation phase of the Clarke Rebellion. many of the Citizens of Cliff Island where furious with the government for allowing it to happen and wanted total reform of the government and the exile of all Statesmen involved. No one is shore, but it is believed that this is how the Cliff Island Communist Army (CICA) began. The CICA soon tried to Kidnap the Statesmen invoved in the Clarke Rebellion. But they were soon caught an two men were captured. Cliff Island soon declared war on terror, It was soon declared a civil war 3 days later. The Army was Sent to the Terrritory of Long Island and martial law was astablished in all territories. Martial Law was later ended the next day. The CICA went into hiding and stopped all activity. A raid on the Rebel base resulted in the capture of a top CICA official. The CICA soon collapsed and surrendered.