Cliff Island Communist Army

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Flag of the EILA
Cliff Island Communist Army (CICA)
LeaderJosh M.

Ashley D.

Shawn Dodson
Dates of operation?-9/6/2010
MotivesTo turn Democratic Republic of Cliff Island into a Communist state
Active regionsLong Island (Democratic Republic of Cliff Island Territory)
Major actionsattempted to kidnap the President, Vice President, and Secretary of State, Terrorism
Notable attacksattempted to kidnap the President, Vice President, and Secretary of State, Attack on Military Base,
Means of revenue?


After the Reformation phase of the Clarke Rebellion. many of the Citizens of Cliff Island where furious with the government for allowing it to happen and wanted total reform of the government and the exile of all Statesmen involved. No one is shore, but it is believed that this is how the Cliff Island Communist Army (CICA) began. The CICA soon tried to Kidnap the Statesmen invoved in the Clarke Rebellion. But they were soon caught an two men were captured. Cliff Island soon declared war on terror, It was soon declared a civil war 3 days later.


The CICA reorganized sometime in Late July, 2010. they later changed their name to the Emerald Isle Liberation Army (EILA) after the creation of The Kingdom of Emerald Isle.

The End of the EILA

The EILA sent a letter on august 6, 2010 that read, "Hello your majesty, I am the Commander of the Emerald Isle Liberation Army. I must regretfully tell you that my glorious army as officially disbanded. I know that you will no dought celabrate this day and your rediculous government will anounce this to your allies with joy while we sob and curse at this day. If I had some twenty more men I would still be fighting you but most of my men have left me because they feel we are fighting a enemy that refuses to fight back. I hope that your terrible rein comes to a quick end and that the people are liberated from you soon. Lastly, I would Like to congratulate all the men and women who fought and destroyed the DRCI. They may not have fought for the glory of communism but they did do what we couldn't do in a month of war and over two months of fighting afterwards. I hope I never see your nation prosper.

Signed, Leader of the EILA"

This officially put a end to the EILA.