Cloe, Sovereign Princess of Sancratosia

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Princess Cloe of Sancratosia in February 2022
Official portrait of Princess Cloe
Sovereign Princess of Sancratosia
Reign1 December 2021 (2021-12-01) — present
PredecessorTitle established
Heir apparentNone
Ministers of State
BornChloé Fortin Côté
1 March 1992 (1992-03-01) (age 31)
Montréal, Canada w:Canada
Cloe Romana Maria de Sancratosia
FatherDonato, Lord of Sancratosia
MotherMaria II, Duchess of Sancratosia
  • Micronationalist
  • Politician
  • Syndicalist
  • Artist
  • Communications officer
SignatureCloe's signature
Medal record
Representing  Sancratosia
2023 Nemean Games
First place Cornhole

Cloe (Cloe Romana Maria de Sancratosia; born 1 March 1992 (1992-03-01)) is the Sovereign Princess of Sancratosia and head of the Princely House of Sancratosia since its inception in 2021.

She was born in Montréal, Canada and studied political science at Université du Québec à Montréal. During her studies, she participated in many model parliaments in Québec and ran twice in Quebec general elections.

On 1 December 2021 (2021-12-01) Cloe was appointed sovereign princess by the people of Sancratosia.

Early life

Princess Cloe was born at Hôpital Notre-Dame in Montréal, Canada. She is the daughter of Duchess Maria II and Lord Donald. She has two younger brothers, Lord Nicola and Lord Mateo. She lived most of her life in Boucherville, on the south-shore of Montréal, before moving back in Montréal in 2013. She attended the Collège de Maisonneuve before studying political science at Université du Québec à Montréal. While studying, she worked as a tour guide at Montréal's olympic stadium. In June 2020, she started working as a communications officer for a pedestrian rights advocacy group in the Province of Québec.

Cloe made her official coming out as a transgender woman on 15 July 2015 (2015-07-15) and has been sporadically engaged in LGBT rights, mostly through open letters to newspapers.[1]

Political activism

Princess Cloe leading a union protest in Montreal.

Cloe has been politically active, running twice in Quebec general elections, finishing 4th place both times and improving the scores from the previous election.

Official portrait of Chloé as President of the National Assembly of Quebec.

She has been an active member of model parliaments in Quebec, namely the Forum Étudiant and the Parlement Étudiant du Québec (PEQ). Over the span of 5 participations, she assumed the positions of Minister of Transportation, of Democratic reform and Chair of the Conseil du trésor, submitting two bills. In 2016, she became the first transgender to participate in the model parliament[2] and in 2019, she had the honour of becoming the first transgender to sit in the seat of the President of the National Assembly of Quebec during a PEQ simulation, the position being awarded to honour former participants.

Also involved in unions, in 2015, she became the first transgender to lead a union strike in the Province of Quebec.[3] She was to lead a second union strike but it was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.


On 1 December 2021 (2021-12-01), Cloe assumed the duties of Sovereign Princess of Sancratosia following the signature of the Declaration of independence in which the people of Sancratosia appointed the House of Sancratosia as the sovereign family.[4]

The early days of her reign were essentially dedicated to the establishment of formal diplomatic relations with other nations, as stated in her message to the Nation.[5] She also spent some time in the continued development of the Principality, most notably the writing of the Constitution, as mandated by the Declaration of independence.

On 2 December 2021 (2021-12-02), she published her first Sovereign Ordinance.[6] It concerned the temporary exercise of absolute power in the Principality. She followed with other Ordinances that concerned mostly the signature of many conventions and accords such as the Wrythe Convention, the Edgbaston Convention, the Augusta Accord, the La Salle Convention and the Montediszamble Convention. She also signed the accession to membership status in the Union Against Micronational War and the Alliance of the Micronations as well as an official participation to the intermicronational 2022 Winter Olympics boycott.

On 11 January 2022 (2022-01-11), she appointed Cristian Neuton has the first Minister of State of Sancratosia.

Intermicronational duties

On 24 July 2022 (2022-07-24), she assumed her first official duties in an intermicronational organisation when she was appointed as Secretary of Diversity of the Conference of Santiago. She was subsequently appointed as Secretary of Communication on 8 July 2023 (2023-07-08)

On 19 April 2023 (2023-04-19), Cloe was elected in the Organisation de la MicroFrancophonie, without opposition, to the position of Deputy Secretary General in charge of the creation of means of communication. She was confirmed by members of the General Assembly, earning 100% of votes in favour of her election, on 7 May 2023 (2023-05-07).

On 16 May 2023 (2023-05-16), she became the Social Media Marketing Commissioner for the Micronational Olympic Federation.

Personal arms

As the head of the House of Sancratosia, Princess Cloe is allowed to bear the coat of arms of the Principality as her own. However, she was attributed some personal arms which are more representative of her own person. With the main shield taking the same design from the flag of Sancratosia and three black five-pointed stars, representing the number "15", a personal and important number to the Princess. A smaller shield stands in the center, composed of three horizontal bands of light blue, white and pink, colours associated with the transgender flag. The personal arms of Cloe feature a crowned helmet instead of the Sovereign Crown on top of the shield. The Order of the Sovereign is standing around the shield instead of the Order of Sancratosia.

Personal life

Cloe quickly became interested in the phenomenon of micronations such as Sealand and Molossia. She owns a 1994 Sealand Half-Dollar which she acquired in 2012.

Enthusiast of modern Canadian history, Cloe has an extensive personal collection of memorabilia from the Montreal 1976 Olympic Games, most notably a gymnastics event ticket signed by famous olympic gold medalist Nadia Comăneci. She also have an extensive collection of items from the defunct Canadian Airlines and a collection of transit tickets from the Société de transport de Montréal. Her less extensive collections include coins, flags and hockey jerseys.

Cloe is an amateur and self-taught artist. She has been interested in many different mediums. Notably, she was involved in stereoscopy and developed a pair of snap-on 3D glasses to change the different filters. From 2018 to 2020, her political artwork was featured on the French canadian-speaking television show Infoman on Radio-Canada.[a] One of her artwork gained recognition from Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montreal.[7]

Interested in languages, Cloe is fluent in French, English and Quebec Sign Language, she is learning Portuguese, Dutch and has an interest to actually learn spoken Lingua Franca Nova.

Cloe once piloted a Cessna 172 airplane on a flight from Mascouche to Mirabel, landing at the then decommissioned Montréal–Mirabel International Airport.

Styles, titles, honours and arms

Styles of
Princess Cloe
Personal standard of Princess Cloe of Sancratosia.svg
Reference styleHer Sovereign Highness
Spoken styleYour Sovereign Highness
Alternative styleYour Supreme Highness[b]
Your Serene Highness[c]

Personal arms of Princess Cloe
ArmigerCloe, Sovereign Princess of Sancratosia
CrestCrowned helmet, mantled Gules, doubled Argent
TorseGules and Argent
EscutcheonPer cross Gules and Argent on a chief Argent three mullets Sable; over all an escutcheon tierced per pale, bleu céleste, argent and rose
SupportersTwo Canada geese
CompartmentMount Vert
MottoConose / Creosia (Lingua Franca Nova)
Knowledge / Creativity
OrdersOrder of the Sovereign


The official style of Princess Cloe is Sovereign Highness. This is a style that is unique to Sancratosia and exists because of the lack of a proper translation for the term serene, the most common style among sovereign princes and princesses. However, because her title is Sua Altia Suprema in Lingua Franca Nova, she is sometimes styled as as Supreme Highness, a literal translation of the term. The most common foreign mistakes in her styles are Serene Highness, because it shares the same initials, and Highness, because many Princes and Princesses are styled that way in kingdoms.


The long official title of Cloe is:

Princess Cloe, by the will of the people, Sovereign Princess of the Principality of Sancratosia; Duchess of Ganso and Siboleta; Marquess of Monoroca; Countess of Anserisa, Andorinoes, Pirsonia and Laurensia e Teritorios; Viscountess of Lupulo, Colie and Mercurio, Maio, Talior e Diacon; Defender of the Constitution and the laws of the Nation.

The long title is rarely used, even in official capacities and is essentially only used at the coronation. The most commonly used title is the shortened version:

Cloe, by the will of the people, Sovereign Princess of Sancratosia.

National honours

Standards and arms

Personal coat of arms
(2021 – present)
Royal cypher
(2021 – present)
Personal escutcheon
(2021 – present)
Personal standard
(2021 – present)


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Informational notes

  1. For the Galerie Jean-Tal specials
  2. Literal translation of Sua Altia Suprema in Lingua Franca Nova.
  3. Traditional way to address a Sovereign Prince or Princess.


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