Kingdom of Cloverzem

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Kingdom of Cloverzem
Flag of Kingdom of Cloverzem
Coat of arms of Kingdom of Cloverzem
Coat of arms
Motto: Esse Aut, Non Esse
Anthem: Rocky Mountain High
Location• New York City
CapitalNew Sterling
Official languagesEnglish, Russian, Italian, Spanish
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• King
Nicholas Fisher
• Prime Minister
Establishment23 February 2019
• Census in March 2019 census
CurrencyClover's Pound
Time zoneEST/EDT
This Nation was a Member of the Original Cupertino Alliance

The Kingdom of Cloverzem, commonly known as simply Cloverzem is a micronation which declared independence on 23 February 2019.


The republic’s name stems from the word clover, a plant commonly associated with luck and Irish heritage, like that of Nick Fisher, the founder of Cloverzem. Coincidentally, clover was also the last name of Nick Fisher's former alias, Jay Clover.


Foundation and the First Republic

The First Republic of Cloverzem was founded by Nick Fisher and Otto Gillespie Birch as a “plan-b” to in case the Aenderia failed. Fisher appointed himself as president of Cloverzem, and appointed Matthew Laptev as Vice President. However, Fisher ended up winning a presidential election in Aenderia, leaving Cloverzem semi-active. Later on, Fisher became disappointing that Cloverzem wasn't receiving enough activity as he had anticipated, and resigned, giving presidency to Erich von Schroeder.

The Cloverzemic Realm

On April 19, Erich von Schroeder took over as president with Matthew Laptev still in position as Vice President after Nicholas Fisher's resignation. Schroeder had organized an almost total reform, consisting of renaming government positions and making the government based on that of WWII Germany. However, the citizens heavily criticized “Der Richter” Schroeder’s radical and nazi-like changes and rule, and began rioting and making jokes (the most notable one calling Schroeder “Der Führer” instead of “Der Richter”). Schroeder got tired of the jokes and riots and angrily left the nation to die. Shortly after Schroeder’s leave, Matthew Laptev made an announcement on the Discord server and declared the nation dissolved two days later after discussing the issue with Fisher.

Political Parties

Existing Parties

Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies Parliament
Liberal Party of Cloverzem LPC Calvin White Left-wing Liberal
1 / 10
The Nationals TNC Maximilian von Schroeder Right Conservative Nationalism
1 / 10

Defunct Parties

Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies Parliament
Volkmilianismuspartei LPC Erich von Schroeder Far Right Milianism
0 / 10

Although the nation does not have an actual hospital, the only Trauma Center and two hospital is in the area near the Bay Ridge Branch, a few blocks away, and near where Matthew Laptev and Jay Clover I found the Bay ridge branch which is

  • Kings County Hospital Center
  • Mount Sinai Hospital Brooklyn

Kings County Hospital Center is the hospital where the President Jay Clover I was taken when he was hit by a car, and broke his leg. Also on March 9 the First Family of Cloverzem experienced a huge emergency, whilst the father of the President was driving on Flatbush Avenue He Got into a serious car accident. He broke his wrist and his finger on his right arm. He spent 3 days in the hospital. Then came back home to the Presidental Household. Then He had another incident with a hemorrhage in his eye, and taken to Mount Sinai Hospital Brooklyn and discharged 20 minutes later.

Administrative Regions

Government Departments

Cloverzem has more than a dozen departments which are used to fulfill different purposes in the pp of Cloverzem. The departments are accountable for managing a certain part of a country, such as immigration, homeland Security, agriculture, environmental protection,health,and labor.

Department Emblem Director of Department
Department of Treasury BDEF File:BDEFLogo.png TBD
Department of Immigration BDOI File:BDOILogo.png J.J. Maxwell
Department of Labor BDOL File:BDOLLogo.png TBD
Department of Enviormental Protection BDTC File:BDTCLogo.png TBD
Department of homeland Security BDOT File:BDOTLogo.png TBD
Department of Health BDFR File:BDFRLogo.png TBD
bgcolor="#745400" Department of Justice BDFR File:BDFRLogo.png Otto Gillespie Birch

Foreign Relations

Unilateral Recognition

Formal Recognition


Cloverzem Navy

Cloverzem Navy Emblem
Active February 21st, 2019 - Present
Country Republic of Cloverzem
Branch Navy
Type Navy
Role Naval security to those who need
Size 1
Nickname Water Boys
Patron St. Nicholas
Motto Fight For The Sea
Colors Black, White, Beige
Mascot Ella The Maltese
Anniversaries March 7th
Equipment Intex Explorer 500,3 Arleigh Burke Class Guided Missile Destroyers (Built in Minecraft)
Fleet Admiral Jay Clover I
Cloverzem Marine Corps

Cloverzem Marine Corps Emblem
Active February 21st, 2019 - Present
Country Republic of Cloverzem
Branch Marine Corps
Type Marine Corps
Role Naval Infantry
Size 1
Patron St. Matthew
Motto Semper Fidelis
Colors Blue, White, Green
March She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
Mascot Leo The K9 German Shepard
Equipment None
Engagements None
Cloverzem Army

Cloverzem Army Emblem
Active February 21st, 2019 - Present
Country Republic of Cloverzem
Branch Army
Type Army
Role Infantry
Size 0
Nickname Grunts
Patron St. Anthony
Motto Freedom Isn’t Free
Colors Blue, White, Black
Mascot Tootsie The Australian Shepard
Equipment None
Engagements None

The Republic has Founded a military, formerly known for peace. Now has a Proposed Naval Fleet and A Marine Corps and an Army. Possible invasions may happen. But not forseen.

Geography and Climate

National Holidays

Date Name Notes
22 July Presidents Day A day commemerating one of the first head of the Cloverzem Government
31 October Vice Presidents’ Day and Halloween A day Commemerating The First Vice President on his birthday,
and natural American holiday
24 December Christmas Eve Day before Christmas
25 December Christmas Day Day Commemorating Jesus
31 December New Years Eve Day Before New Years
1 January New Years Day First day of the new year
23 February independence day The Day Jay Clover I Declared Independence from Auvenum



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