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The Ruins of Clubhaus, the former capital of the Republic of Clubhausia
The Ruins of Clubhaus, the former capital of the Republic of Clubhausia
CountryKingdom of Lytera
Administrative RegionGreater Cavendish
Formerly Owned By Republic of Clubhausia (2008-2014)
Clubhausia Exiled Goverment(2014)(Partially)
Ruislip Warlords(2014)
Originally Founded2008
Annexed By Lytera04 July 2019
 • BodyAbsolute Monarchy
 • QueenAmelia I
 • Total0.0271 km2 (0.0105 sq mi)
 • Water0.000642 km2 (0.000248 sq mi)  2.3%
 • Total0
Time zoneUTC+00:00 (UTC)

Clubhausia is a territory of the Kingdom of Lytera annexed on the 4th of July, 2019, formerly apart of Clubhausia, and then Lorentia and the many other warlords who claimed parts of it.


The area now known as Clubhausia was originally settled by the Republic of Clubhausia in 2008, With the first area claimed being a alcove called 'The Clubhaus', which was designated and remained the capital of the country until 2014. The infamous tree symbol, shown on both the Clubhausia flag and Lyteran Territory Flag was pulled down in a combined effort by Senators Amelia I and John in 2010 to make a bench to sit on, and it became a symbol of the nations strength and unity.

After the beginning of The Great Ruislip War, a coup launched by John disposed of the Clubhausian government, which at this time, was weakened by Fizona breaking away and Lytera separating from its Personal Union. Until the summer of 2014, Lorentia controlled the large majority of the lands of Clubhausia, with some notable exceptions, and increased the defenses there. The final battle of the war, the Battle of Bourne played host to the sacking of Clubhaus. In an attempt to steal the presidential sword of Lorentia, Fizonian forces, with their warlord allies, broke through the hedge walls and overwhelmed the defences. The once beautiful capital was eventually liberated by a combined Clubhausian, Lorentian and Lyteran force, but the damage had been done, with the cardboard flooring destroyed, the land turned to a muddy marsh, and the hedge line was destroyed.

With the end of the war, everyone abandoned their claims to the land, and for almost five years (the treaty was signed at Fizona's former capital, the Football area due to the damage) the capital festered and rotted. As for the rest of the territory, it had survived relatively unscratched, aside from some unrelated burn marks to an area near the Fizonian Capital, where a motorbike had exploded.

On the 4th of July, Amelia I launched a visit to the ruins of the capital, to see the state of them. This visit had been planned ever since the release of the Ruislip Tetrarchy document earlier in the year. To quote the Royal Lyteran News:

"The land was still uneven and damaged, but it was green again. However, the obvious decay to the outer structure was plain to see. The damaged hedges had been completely torn down, leaving many of the former Clubhaus inner sanctums to no longer exist. Only the central chamber and Storage room remained.

The hole to the central chamber [...] has grown. The fallen tree is gone, only plant life remains. The names of the founders that were sketched into a wall have faded and collapsed, however, the names were still partially visible. "

The King decided to declare the ruins a Lyteran Site of Cultural Significance, and incorporated them into a territory of Lytera. Due to the state of the ruins, the government decided to not attempt a restoration, citing the loss of the defensive walls, lunch hall and the main entrance. The policy is the ruins will be free to visit, and to be left to nature.

On November 15, the Lyteran Government decided to spread their claim to almost all of Clubhausia's former lands in an effort to keep them in a good condition. A notable exception was the local school that it's members had gone to, leaving it for future generations to found their own nations.


Since the time of Clubhausia, several refurbishments have been made to the lands that make up the territory, making it very different from the state it was in during the time of the Clubhausians - for example, an addition of an outdoor gym has resulted in the Biker Ground no longer being in existence.

Current Locations:

Clubhaus: The former capital of the nation, and in theory the most important place due to it's status as the seat of power, It was a marvel of engineering, with a fully made floor and chairs adorning it. However, during the Ruislip War, it was destroyed in the final battle, leaving it nowadays as a muddy marsh area that is only now showing signs of recovery.

The Football Goal:

The football goal, also known as Fort Gaeol, is the tallest structure in the territory. It was used during the times of Clubhausia as a scouting spot, easily climbable due to it's function as both a football playing area and a basketball area. During the war, it was largely spared damage, and was the capital of Fizona, and where the Treaty of Bourne was held. The ground around it is very dry due to it's frequent use, and rather rocky.

Playa Major:

The larger (and formerly) only playground in the land (aside from the Senior and Junior playgrounds inside the school). It was used as the Exiled Clubhausian's base of operations, and was considered a 'core point' to be held in the olden days due to it's fortified fenced walls. Playa Major has been expanded in the past few years, with some of the Fields of Hausia being destroyed to make space for this expansion. It's flooring is a mix of concrete and rubber.

Playa Minor:

Built around 2016 after the area was abandoned by micronationalists, the smaller playground works as another,slightly less defensive point, and also took land from the Fields of Hausia. Unlike the Major, it still has grassy flooring.

The Gym:

Built in 2014, the Gym was held almost immediately claimed by the Malaki Horde. The gym was later captured and used as a training site. While not as versatile as some of the other locations for use, it's built in a similar style to Playa Major, giving it an advantage as a fort.

Fields of Hausia:

Making up a majority of the Park, Hausia was the designated term for the areas of field without any structures on. While smaller then it was in the past, it us the most unchanged area out of all of them.

The Valley of Wolves:

Named after a movie filmed in 2013 on the site, the area was a superstitious part, where many dared not go. This area, however, was a useful defensive point, and due to the fear of the place was seldom visited.

The River Amelia:

Only named as such in 2019, beforehand just nicknamed 'The River', this waterway runs behind the school and Valley of Wolves, before joining up with the Yeading Brook river. It was the furthest extent claimed by Clubhausia, as while the river was crossable, the lands on the other sign were seen as mysterious and deemed impassable.

Former Locations:

Biker Grounds:

A flat area often used by people on bikes and scooters, it played host to the start and end point of a race long ago, the year of which has been lost, where Queem Amelia herself took part in. It was demolished to build the Gym.


As mentioned previously, the local school wasn't annexed again, however, in the time of the Clubhausian days, it was a large part of the nation, and had the most citizens, with pretty much every year group being involved to a degree. It's landscape changed even while the Clubhausian people were at school, with the best example being the destruction of 'Fort Artemis' and most of the Senior Playground by the expansion of the Music room and New Nursery Block.


Climate data for Clubhausia
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 7
Average low °C (°F) 2
[citation needed]


Flag Details Annexed
The state flag of the territory, the Lyteran flag defaced with the tree of Clubhausia in black. 4 July 2019