Coat of Arms of Bradonia

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Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Bradonia

Greater Coat of Arms of Bradonia

Lesser Coat of Arms of Bradonia
ArmigerThe King of Bradonia
(currently Brady I)
CrestThe royal crown proper;
EscutcheonJaune a lion volant Jaune holding the Meurna royal shield
SupportersTwo lions displayed Jaune armed and beaked Or
Motto"Bradonia Stands Strong Forever!"

The Coat of Arms of the Bradonian Realm, are the official coat of arms used within the Kingdom of Bradonia and is commonly used to represent the nation on passports, government documents, and government websites among other state or government purposes. Brayvenic Wiltevich-Iliescu Meurna and Christopher I of Begon are credited with creating this iteration of the Bradonian Coat of Arms.