Coat of arms of Eniarku

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Coat of Arms of Eniarku
EN greater coa.png
EN mid coa.png
Middle Coat of Arms
EN lesser coa.png
Lesser Coat of Arms
ArmigerKing Aaron I
CrestRoyal crown of Eniarku
EscutcheonOr a lion rampant on a field of seven strips barry light Azure and Argent
SupportersTwo golden lions
OrdersOrder of the King's Crown
UseOn all Acts of Parliament; the cover of all passports; various government departments; Eniarkian franc (planned).
Not to be confused with the Royal coat of arms of Eniarku, which are the monarch's personal arms.

The national coat of arms of the Kingdom of Eniarku is the official coat of arms of the kingdom and Eniarkian monarch, currently King Aaron I, in his capacity as chief of the state. Variants of the arms are used by other members of His Majesty's Government in connection with the administration and governance of the country.


The shield in the center of the arms, unlike that of the royal arms, contains only a single design. It is composed of a golden lion over a field of seven (7) horizontal stripes, which alternate from top to bottom between light azure and white. The stripes represent what are considered to be the seven original realms of Eniarku throughout its history. His Majesty's Government opted to use this design as the national arms rather than the current royal arms in order to better represent the unity of the kingdom (rather than a cluster of realms). The shield is surrounded by the collar of The Most Noble Order of the King's Crown, the highest award granted by the state; the crest is the royal crown of Eniarku. The shield of arms is situated atop a large platform and supported by two golden lions, and two hoisted national flags are placed so they appear to be rising out from the arms. The entirety thereof is surrounded by a red mantle with gold adornments, which is also topped by the royal crown.

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