Coat of arms of Lostisland

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Coat of Arms of the Federal Republic of Lostisland
Adopted December 27, 2011
Designer Max Nazarenko

The current Coat of Arms of the Federal Republic of Lostisland, developed by Ukrainian designer Max Nazarenko, was adopted on December 27, 2011, by the then Republic of Lostisland and inherited alongside with the rest of national symbols by the Federal Republic at April 5, 2013. The arms consist of two olive branches, which significate the glory of Lostisland. On the shield are listed the white pigeon - the national animal of Lostisland, the symbol of peaceful intentions; the rising sun, which shows the prosperity of Lostisland, the silhouette of the Hunter Island along with the blue waters of the Pacific ocean. The national motto In nomine libertatis remained the same.

The First Coat of Arms of the Federal Republic of Lostisland


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