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War flag of Konakia, mostly associated with Cobra
MottoIt happens
Formation21 June 2018 17:10 UTC
TypeSecret society
Official languagesRussian
Key peopleAlexey Inshakov

The Commarenthian Public Combat Revolutionary Anathema,[a] known shortly as Cobra is a secret micronational organization founded in 2018. It had a huge influence on the Russian Micronational Community through the preparation and coordination of various political actions.


The beginnings of the Cobrist movement appeared at the end of 2017, when a group of micronationalists led by Alexey Inshakov, the former head of Estazia, went on a confrontation with a number of personalities who had recently come to micronational community. In January 2018, Lesser Commarenthia had emerged, using cultural and political artefacts of original Commarenthia for mastering and subjugating enemy micronations. In June 2018 Ivan Ivanov created a humorous public page NND for mocking opponents of proto-Cobrism. Actually Cobra as a VK conference appeared on June 21. The name was invented spontaneously.

In December 2018, the group experienced an internal split, which ultimately led to the creation of Skavenlard, which consisted of Inshakov, Ivanov and Kuzmin. 2019 was not marked by serious and significant promotions on their part. On the 2020 New Year eve, a split occurred between Inshakov and Kuzmin, and Skavenlard ceased to exist. Cobra, on the other hand, was revived in mid-2019 as a rather goofy conference with a significant number of inactive members.

April–May 2020 can be considered revival of Cobra, when Kuzmin and Inshakov came to an agreement, and former opponents of the organization, as well as generally active and supportive micronationalists, were added to the conference. In November 2020, the founder of Cobra Alexey Inshakov again briefly left the group.


Francoruthenian and Sidorian wars

Arandian crisis

Political crisis in Arandia had emerged in late May 2020, directly influenced by Cobra. It eventually led to breakup of that micronation.

In May 2020 emperor Sergey Maksimov, 14, appointed Arseny Proshin as Education minister of Arandia. Proshin, a far-right blogger and activist from Belarus became well known for his controversial activities while in office. In late May, the ever-increasing influence of Proshin on the emperor became a topic of criticism from Arandian citizens, and in particular, ambiguous "educational tests" on abstract topics with vague answers, according to the results of which Proshin recommended to fire officeholders and to deprive them of citizenship.

As the conflict escalated, the Cobra group sent the emperor a list of measures to resolve it, in particular, a plebiscite on Proshin's removal from office. Maksimov initially took a neutral position, however, on May 30 he excluded all the Cobrists from the citizens' conversation. At first, Maksimov presented this as part of his "better plan", promising to neutralize Proshin soon; however, in June Maksimov was already under the full influence of Proshin and his extra-micronational allies.

On the evening of July 2, 2020 during the conflict in the Maksimov's government, all the circumstances of which are still to be clarified, reports began to arrive about the resignation of Chancellor Georgy Vasilyev-Shilovsky. At the same time, Tangaz Kyelzor, collaborating with the Cobrists, proclaimed himself the new emperor of Arandia.

1. To His Imperial Majesty the blessed from above the Emperor and Dominus of Arandia and neighboring lands, the Leader of the Arandians, the keeper of the peace, the protector of the state, the judge and holder of the land, water and underground of the Arandia Tangaz from the Kyelzor clan, the first bearer of this name, nicknamed the Conqueror, all the fullness of the imperial power over the Arandian Empire is to be passed.
2. Sergey the Usurper, also known as Maksimov, is deposed from the Arandian throne and declared an enemy of the people and the Empire.

Cobrists decided to make the conflict less serious. The head of Shrek over the flag of Maksimov's home state was chosen as the symbol of the new Arandia, further known as the Second Empire, the Eastern Empire, the Heavenly Empire, Tangazoria or Shrekist Arandia.

On the night of July 11/12, 2020, the associates of Arseny Proshin deleted all the members and posts of Arandia's page on VKontakte. Sergey Maksimov did not give any comments regarding this incident (in any case, they did not seep "outside" from Maksimov's Arandia, which was closed to the world). However, on July 13 at 3 PM, his video message appeared with statements about the need to "prevent such events and work on security."

Two hours later, Maksimov's page was hacked by unknown persons, who for almost an hour posted swastikas and homosexual pornography on it. In the Arandia group, the Konakian Armed Forces flag appeared, used by Cobra in 2018, as well as the unsigned message “I want to join the Cobra”. Maksimov later used this as an excuse for his version of what happened, blaming Cobra of hacking his page. Two another versions were developed by the community. According to one of them, the hacking was organized by Proshinists, their generally recognized inadequacy acted as a motive. According to another, the hacking was staged in order to slander the Cobrists. An indirect confirmation of the second version is the fact that Maksimov indirectly threatened Inshakov with the police, at the same time, the emperor refused to talk to Inshakov directly.

On July 14, Maksimov's page was hacked again and blocked. The hackers (or Maksimov himself) announced that the Arandian Empire was liquidated. Later, Proshin-Maksimov's Arandia was restored as a nearly-totalitarian rogue state, however the Shrekists considered the conflict over. In September 2020 Maksimov was completely stripped of power and overthrown by Proshinists.


  1. Russian: Комаринская Общественная Боевая Революционная Анафема; Komarinskaya Obshchestvennaya Boyevaya Revanshistskaya Anafema, KOBRA