Coins of the Marquetten dukesmark

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Coins of the Marquetten dukesmark have not yet been minted, however there have been several planned designs for denominations of coins. In the future, coins will exist in denominations of ½П (i.e. one half para ℳ​1480), 1П, 2П, 3П, 5П, 6П, 1/~, 2/~, 5/~, 6/~ and 10/~. There are also planned bullion (gold, silver, platinum, and electrum) and commemorative coins. All of these will produced by the Mint of Duchessgrad.

Current coinage

The 2023 revaluation of the dukesmark resulted in the denominations of coins changing, resulting in the current third series of coinage.

Third series coins
Denomonation Design Diameter Thickness composition edge
Obverse Reverse interior extirior
½П Marquetten rose denomonation 45pt 3pt Aluminium Smooth reuleaux square
1П Nada I* Personification of Marquette 48pt 3.5pt Smooth
2П Robert W. wren 50pt 4pt Copper
3П Nada I* Sand burr 52pt 4pt
5П Tsar Rurik I Rurriked symbol 55pt 5pt
6П Nada I* Portcullis 60pt 5.5pt milled
1/~ Nada I* wreath 63pt 5.5pt Nickel
2/~ Nada I* Knight slaying a dragon 65pt 6pt spanish flower
5/~ Nada I* galleon 1in 6pt milled
see colonial 5/~ coins
6/~ Nada I* White oak tree 1in 5pt 6.5pt milled reuleaux hexagon
10/~ Nada I* Coronation of Nada I 1in 10pt 6.5pt Nordic gold Nickel beringgit
ℳ1 Nada I Arms of Marquette 1in 15pt 7pt Nickel Nordic gold
ℳ1/1/~ Arms of Marquette, Badis, Socorro, and House Reynolds-Romanov 1in 20pt 8pt Nordic gold milled
ℳ2 Long cross 1in 35pt 8pt ✯PRO POPVLO MARQVETTE upright and inverted.

*placeholder design

March Mintage poll

the March Mintage poll was a public poll conducted by the Marquetten government on the satisfaction with the current range of coinage. the poll asked for the takers' satisfaction with current coinage and asked for opinions on four new denominations of coins in order ℳ1, ℳ2, ℳ1/1/~ (a Guinea) and 1 polushka. A total of nine citizens responded however only eight were counted as one participant responded to every question with "?". The poll concluded on 20 March 2023 with 71.5% of participants being generally satisfied with the extant coinage, however most respondents were favorable to new coins being minted. A sizeable number of respondents voiced confusion over the Guinea, it was still generally popular, however.

End Results
Question Yes No Other*
Should a ℳ1 coin be minted? 87.5% 12.5% 0%
Should a ℳ2 coin be minted? 75% 25% 0%
Should a Guinea (ℳ1/1/~) coin be minted? 62.5 25% 12.5
Should a 1 polushka (0.25П) coin be minted? 25% 62.5% 12.5%

*all options received one "other" vote that was discarded for irrelevancy.

†"Not if ℳ2 is minted"-counted as no.

‡yes but also suggested a new denomination.

Commemorative coins

There have been very few proposed commemorative coin series, the largest is the planned astronomy themes series of groschen coins.

Marquetten Commemorative coins
Denomonation Obverse Reverse Diameter Thickness composition edge
Interior Exterior
1/~ Selene luna 52pt 4.5pt copper Smoth
2/~ corresponding deities phobos and deimos* 55pt 5pt
3/~ corresponding deities Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto* 60pt 6pt milled
4/~ corresponding deities moons of saturn* 65pt 6pt nickel
5/~ corresponding deities moons of uranus* 1in 6pt
6/~ corresponding deities moons of neptune* 1in 5pt 6.5pt
7/~ Vanth (god) Vanth 1in 8pt 6.5pt
8/~ corresponding deities moons of pluto* 1in 8pt 6.5pt nordic gold nickel
9/~ Nereid Actaea Actaea 1in 10pt 6.5pt
10/~ corresponding deities Namaka and Hi'iaka* 1in 11pt 7pt
11/~ Weywot (god) Weywot* 1in 12pt 7pt
12/~ Michael E. Brown, Chad Trujillo, David Rabinowitz* MK2† 1in 13pt 7pt
13/~ a Xiangliu wrapped around a octagram Xiangliu 1in 14pt 7pt beringgit
14/~ Dysnomia (daemon) Dysnomia 1in 15pt 7pt
15/~ Vesta in a hexastyle temple with four steps Vesta 1in 16pt 7pt nickel nordic gold
16/~ Pallas (titan) Pallas 1in 18pt 7pt
17/~ Hygieia (goddess) Hygiea 1in 20pt 7pt
18/~ Vulcan (god) Vulcan 1in 25pt 7.5pt Nordic gold
19/~ Sergei Korolev Sputnik 1 1in 30pt 7.5pt
20/~ comparison of 1k AU, Ly, and pc comparison of Pr, Δ🜨L, and AU 1in 35pt 8pt Milled icosagon
ℳ5 Nada I Reverse of 1 coin 2in 7pt Nordic gold ☆PRO POPVLO MARQVETTE

(national motto stylised as archaic latin)

Personal arms of Nada I from 100 ᗡP coin Milled
Arms of Marquette from 5/~ coin Beringgit

*depicted on separate coins

†moon of makemake

Obsolete and canceled coins

obsolete coins

The first series of coins were associated with the first dukesmark which had two series of notes creating a disparity between note and coin serieses.

First series coins
Denomonation Obverse Reverse Diameter Thickness composition edge
1c Nada I ≈15mm copper smooth
2c ≈16mm
5c ≈18mm nickel
10c Robert W. ≈20mm milled
25c Lynn I ≈25mm
50c Nada I ≈30mm

(national motto stylised as archaic latin)

The series of coins were associated with the second dukesmark.

Second series coins
Denomonation Obverse Reverse Diameter Thickness composition edge
¼ Huey Long Crowned fish ≈5mm tin smooth square
½ Alexander Zeisal Bielski Hexagram ≈7mm
1 Franz Ferdinand Crown ≈10mm smooth
3 Nestor Makhno Marquetten rose ≈15mm copper
6 Manfred Von Richthofen Richthofen arms ≈17mm
12 Rurik I Rurikid Symbol ≈20mm
25 Robert wood Wreath ≈25mm silver milled
50 Otto Von Bismarck Arms of the Marquetten army ≈30mm gold
100 (1) Nada I Personal arms of Nada I ≈35mm

Cancelled coins

  • 1 polushka
  • ℳ5
  • 15/~ (referred to as the dollar coin)

Polushka coins

Although the term Polushka is defined as ​1960 of a dukesmark or ¼П, no coin smaller than 0.5П has ever been officially planned in the Marquette However, before the redenomination the ¼ (or 0.0025) were planned to be minted in the second series this coins is often seen as a predecessor to the polushka, actually equaling 0.6 polushkas, or just over one half.

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