Colony of West Rhodesia

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Colonial Settlement of West Rhodesia
South American Colony
Flag of Colonial Settlement of West Rhodesia
Country Phokland
Annexed5 August 2019
Founded byCaptain Maximo Mujica
CapitalNew Salisbury
 • Military GovernorCaptain Maximo Mujica
 • Total.5 km2 (0.2 sq mi)
 • Total5
 Non permanent population
DemonymWest Rhodesian
Colony acts as military instillation

The Colony of West Rhodesia (better known as West Rhodesia) is an autonomous dominion of the Phoklandian Free State located near the Venezuelan capital of Caracas. The territory functions mainly as a PDF base for all forces in the area. The area is made up of an abandoned apartment building and a vacant lot, as such West Rhodesia lacks a permanent population. Regardless, the colony is primarily self-governing; sharing only a head of state and foreign policy with it's colonial overlord.