Commander-in-Chief (Albia)

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Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Albia
Royal Standard of Luke I of Albia
Luke I of Albia

since 13 June 2022
Armed Forces of Albia
StyleHis Majesty
TypeMilitary Leader
Member ofDefence Board of Albia
Term lengthLife Tenure
Formation13 June 2022
First holderLuke I of Albia
DeputyChief of Defence Staff

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Albia is the supreme command authority of the Armed Forces of Albia, a military role vested in the Monarch of Albia. It is the highest office in the military chain of command. The authority to issue orders and give commands to military personnel is typically delegated by the monarch to their commanders in the Field; however, they do retain the right to issue orders personally.

Duties and Functions

In their capacity as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces the monarch exercises the following powers, duties and functions on the advice of the Cabinet.

Powers Relating to Armed Force

  • Right to make war or peace or institute hostilities falling short of war
  • Deployment and use of armed forces overseas
  • Maintenance of the Royal Albian Navy
  • Use of the armed forces within the kingdom to maintain the peace in support of the police or otherwise in support of civilian authorities (e.g. to maintain essential services during a strike)
  • The government and command of the armed forces is vested in His Majesty
  • Control, organisation and disposition of armed forces
  • Requisition of Albian ships in times of urgent national necessity
  • Commissioning of officers in all three armed forces
  • Armed forces pay
  • Crown's right to claim Prize (enemy ships or goods captured at sea)
  • Regulation of trade with the enemy
  • Crown's right of angary, in time of war, to appropriate the property of a neutral which is within the realm, where necessity requires
  • Powers in the event of a grave national emergency, including those to enter upon, take and destroy private property

Military Appointments

The Monarch is responsible for making a large number of appointments to senior military posts. Currently the Commander-in-Chief approves all appointments at the one-star level and up. The names of the officers appointed to these and other posts in the armed forces are regularly published by the Ministry of Defence.


The Commander-in-Chief holds a number of senior ranks in the armed forces:

  • Field Marshal - Albian Army
  • Marshal of the Royal Albian Air Force - Royal Albian Air Force
  • Admiral of the Fleet - Royal Albian Navy

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